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How To Always Know The Right Thing To Say To Get Attraction

Hey there,

Your old buddy Jon Sinn here,

I firmly believe that one of the biggest reasons that guys are afraid to talk to women or run out of things to say when they first approach them is because they don?t know what they?re supposed to do.

What to say

Either they?ve read too much stuff on the internet or they haven?t gotten past the stuff on openers but they?re not sure what to do or say after hello to make the woman interested in them and this leads to a lot of embarrassment, and awkward conversations. ?But luckily for you I have the solution.

One of the biggest reasons guys are nervous when they’re talking to women they’re attracted to is that they don?t have default things to say.

Now I don?t want you guys to get the wrong impression here and think that I’m recommending that you need to have 8 hours of routines, or that you need to have a default thing to say in every situation, or a comeback for every possible insult, but you do need a few things.

You should have a default way to start a conversation with a girl if she’s by herself or in a group. Just an easy way to start a conversation; mine are pretty simple. If I had girls in a group, I’d say, ?Hey, my friends are being really boring, so I wanted to come over here and meet you guys.? ??If the girl is by herself, I usually say, ?You know what, did you used to work at an attorney’s office in Hollywood, because you look just like this girl who used to work there and she always would hum these weird high-pitched tunes, and I swear to God you’re her.? And I would tell the little story that goes to that. Just little things I can do that starts a conversation, so I’m prepared.

If I see a girl, okay ? she’s by herself, use that conversation starter. If she’s in a group, use that one.

Another thing I think you always need to have is a default way to break social comfort, a way to tease a girl essentially, I like to say Mystery’s line, ?You and I will never get along, or ?whoever your last boyfriend was didn?t spank you enough?, or ?you are trouble, you’re such pain in the ass?, even something as simple as ?you’re a dork.? Just have one default way to do that.

A few ways to establish social comfort?regional references, grounding yourself, talking in a way that let’s women know what to expect next.

A way to move the girl. Which really, you just need an excuse. If you’re in a bar or club, ?It’s too hot?, ?It’s too cold?let’s go smoke a cigarette?, ?come with me to the bar to get a drink.? If you’re there during the daytime, ?It’s loud?let’s go grab a seat, let’s go over here?, ?help me shop, walk around?.

And lastly but certainly not least, a way to get a girl’s phone number, you say, ?Hey, I want to go to karaoke with you.? Or, ?Hey, let’s get a drink sometime?give me your number.? It doesn?t have to be complex, but you just want to have these defaults so that when you’re in these situations where you’re like, ?Ah, I want to get this girl’s phone number, but what do I say?? You have a default thing to say, The default is to say what you always say.

You think, ?I want to talk to that girl what should I say?? What you always say, you don?t need to reinvent the wheel. A lot of guys think they have to be this fucking reinventing of the wheel guy, where everything they say has to be new and fresh and amazing. ??Most of what you say is going to be new and fresh and amazing when you learn the tactics I teach and that you?ll discover in the pages of TSB mag. But you should have defaults when you can’t come up with something new and special and amazing.

So to summarize you need to have default things to say in order to get past certain points of an approach, you should at least have a default way of:

Starting a conversation with a girl or a group.
Breaking social Comfort
Establish Social Comfort
Move The Girl
Get her #

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