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When She Never Texts Back

You’ve worked up the courage to send her a suggestive text, only for the worst possible outcome to come true: she never replies. Is the situation as dire as it looks?

She might be bad at texting

What to do

Some people are just not that good at replying to texts. It seems to be a combination of being inconsiderate and unreliable that breeds this behaviour. Annoying, but it doesn’t mean she’s not interested. If there’s no question mark in the text she might see no reason to reply, not realising that she’s being rude. Also, consider her financial circumstances- is she a poor student who is has to budget for every text she sends? She might only reply to texts if she really has to. Allow for this by making any texts include a question that warrants a reply. If she still doesn’t text back, she is either exceptionally bad at texting, or would like you to give up on her.

She’s not that interested

Even if she is generally terrible at texting back, she would make the effort to do so if she was keen on you. Her neglecting to text back doesn’t always mean you don’t have a chance though. There’s a huge difference between her not being particularly interested in you, and being totally uninterested. Sometimes all an ignored text means is that you have more work to do. It’s going to be difficult to make up that ground via text. This is where it helps to share a social circle- if you can have more real life interactions with her, it will be easier to get her interested.

Limit your texting

Whatever her reason for not texting back, you’re not going to improve your chances if you keep texting her. If she is an acquaintance that you regularly see, you will have more than enough real life opportunities to talk to her. There is no reason why you need to be texting her.

When she really isn’t interested

Let’s be realistic: the most probable reason for her not replying to your text is because she doesn’t want to reply. She’s not interested and wants to let you know without having to actually say it. Gauge whether or not this is the case from your real life interactions. If she is keen in person, then she probably just doesn’t like texting. But if she is cold and uninterested in real life, it’s clear that she doesn’t want to get involved with you. All you achieve by continuing to contact her is annoying her and wasting your time.

Not receiving a reply to a text is disheartening- and for good reason. It’s never a good sign, but it also doesn’t mean that you have no chance. Proceed with caution if you want to keep pursuing- don’t just give up at one ignored text, but try to have more real-life interactions with her before you text her again.

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