Dealing with a Woman’s Excuses

Women give us a lot of excuses. Most of the time, we don?t really have to care, but when the excuse is about not having sex, it immediately draws our attention. You see, being in a casual relationship is one of the best things in life but, if your casual chick controls how often you have sex with all sorts of excuses, you?re no longer in charge, and that relationship is no longer casual.

The most common excuses are periods, tiredness and not being in the mood. This article will attempt to explain why and when women give these excuses and how to deal with them.

Period Excuse

In reality not all girls hate sex on their period so that doesn?t mean you?re not getting any (if you have the guts for it). Now, the best thing to do when she tells you is to notice it and pay a little, but not a lot of attention to the matter.

If she really likes you, she will want to spend as much time as she can with you and will hide the fact that she?s on her period until the very last possible moment (some girls will even say sorry after they tell you, which means she likes you even more). That moment is usually in bed, just before you?re about to get naked. At this point you?re basically trapped to spend the rest of the night, without having sex, but don?t despair because all is not lost. This a perfect moment to show your manliness by saying ?Don?t worry babe? and look down at your pants until she gets the picture, if not, gently push her head down.

If a chick tells you she?s on her period when you?re talking on the phone, planning a date, she?s probably lying. Girls use this excuse all the time to get out of dates and you should see it as a warning sign. To make things even more difficult, even if you change plans and do what she wants (not go out) she?ll probably stress you about it anyway.

If a chick tells you on the date itself, it can be either one. Usually, I ?like? to believe that she?s being truthful and is letting me know before we get to the bedroom so I don?t get all excited for nothing. If she tells you just before you start going home, she?s really is thinking about you.

Finally, if a girls tells you she?s on her period but then says, ?But don?t worry, we can do other things?, she?s the right girl for you.

Tired Excuse

Unfortunately if a girl tells you she?s tired it usually means that you?re not going to get some tonight. If the chick was really into you, she would act NOT tired even if she was tired. Just so she can be more entertaining so you can like her more.

Think of it this way, you had curry the day before, you?re at the date, and the curry is giving you some serious stomach pain followed by burning sensations around your butt. She notices that you might have some discomfort but chooses to be silent about it. In this situation, do you tell her the truth – you had curry yesterday and its killing your stomach and burning your ass? Or do you keep your mouth shut and dash to the toilet only to resurface 15 mins later saying the line was long?

The point is, you?ll do whatever it takes to keep the ?date? going normal and interesting without risking to ruin it by being ?tired? or having other issues. Which means that when she tells you she?s tired, she?s obviously making no such effort.

Not In The Mood Excuse

If she gives you the ?I?m not in the mood? line it basically means she can do whatever she wants with you thus denying you of having sex with her which in turn means you?ve completely lost you casual bangs. It?s time to reevaluate your game and take a break from her.

Dealing With Them

The basic rule of casual relationships dictates that you should always make her believe that the main reasons you?re still seeing her is sex. This means that when she?s reluctant to have sex with you, you might in turn ?break up? with her because the only reason you were seeing her is now gone. Having her believe this to be the expected outcome, she will try extra hard to please you and show you how much of a good catch she really is.

This being said, if a girl gives you any excuse on the phone before the actual date – cancel it. Say something in the lines of ?It?s all right, I wasn?t feeling my best anyway, maybe some other time? but don?t bring up her excuse. What you?re doing here is basically reminding her that you?re only interested in sex so, if sex is off the table, there?s no real point in seeing her. To give it even more impact you can contact her 4 or so days later, just enough for her imaginary period, tiredness, mood swings to end.

During the date, it?s much harder to make a decision however, if you feel that sex is not going to happen, just call it an early night since she?s not feeling that good anyway. Again, you?re ?telling? her that sex is all that you want from her.

If she gives you the excuse in bed, right before something good happened and ?she doesn?t do other things? then chill out for a few minutes, get up, and tell her that you can?t sleep because you had a nap this afternoon and you?d rather get some work done. However, is she ?does other things? then there?s really no reason to be upset.

It?s important to DEAL with these excuses properly because the moment you do whatever she wants (spending time with her without having sex) she won?t have any more respect for you. She?ll just want to see how much more you can take, how much less she can give and how much more will you give etc.

Don?t let this happen, just make her believe that the only thing keeping you with her is sex, this will only make her work harder and you?ll be surprise just how long she?ll be around.

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