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3 Online Dating Hacks Even Stupid People Can Do

Hot women rule the show in the kingdom of online dating. In fact, the most beautiful girls get so many emails they complain about it. Meanwhile, the average guy?s sitting on an empty inbox.

Still, a rare few guys are having a TON of success with meeting women online. But these guys usually have a talent for marketing or they?re paying someone else who has those skills to manage their dating accounts for them. In fact, I?ve made a living out of doing just that for busy professionals since 2009.

But what about the average guy who doesn?t have time to learn all the subtleties and nuances of textual seduction and photo selection? What?s the easiest thing YOU can do right now to improve your online dating success?

I?m talking tricks to hack the system that take no skill whatsoever. These are the kind of tricks I love. So let me give you 3 of my favorites:

1. Make ONE Stupid Update To Your Profile Every Day.

Do you think likes it when a guy sends out 50 emails to women and he only receives one response? No, hates that because that guy is going to cancel his account before the month runs up.

So what does do? It rewards the most active users by putting them at the top of search results. Most online dating sites know that people making little changes to their profiles are ACTIVE on the site. In the spirit of rewarding active users, dating sites will rank newly updated profiles higher on search results.

If you just make one tiny tweak to your profile every day ? i.e., change one word here, delete a period there, or extend the length of an ellipsis to four periods there ? it give you more exposure to women using the search engine. Believe it or not, this is going to help you a lot, but you?ve got to stick with it and keep making these little stupid changes every day.

2. Send Lots Emails And Always Follow Up.

Remember that beautiful women have so many emails coming into their inbox that they can hardly get close to managing the situation. Chances are if you didn?t get a response, she never even saw your email in the first place. To remedy this situation, you need to reach out to a LOT of women. I?m talking 25 to 30 in one sitting.

If somebody doesn?t respond, never forget to shoot out a second copy-and-paste email, but make sure it?s written in a non-needy laidback way. I can?t stress this enough. You MUST follow up. It?s as easy as a few clicks on your computer and it works. Just trust me and do it.

Wait 5 to 7 days before you do a follow up and don?t waste your time with more than one follow-up per girl. I promise that following up will help you land more dates. Persistence pays.

3. Ask Her Out Already!

This sounds like the stupidest piece of advice ever, but a HUGE mistake guys make is to drag out the conversation way too long when they should just pull the trigger and ask her out. What happens here is the woman loses interest. Then when you finally do go for the date, it?s way too late.

If she has responded to you with 2 or 3 emails, just pop the question. An exchange that lasts any longer than than receiving 3 or 4 emails from her is going to go stale. Realize that if she?s responding to your emails rather than the 200 other guys who emailed her the last couple days, it?s a VERY big sign she?s interested. So ask her out already!

Finally, when asking her out, make sure you suggest a couple time/date options and one good public place to meet up, like a coffee shop or bar. An alpha male always takes the lead.

There you have it. Three down and dirty tricks for that even an idiot can do. Now get out there, send a bunch of emails, follow up and don?t forget to ask her out. Most of all, make it fun, try out different stuff, look for what works, rinse, and repeat until you get it right.

Got any quick and dirty tricks you?ve learned? Help a brother out and post your comments below.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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