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How To Make Your Dating Profile Alpha

Just like the real world, the alpha males online are the ones getting the most attention from women. But being alpha in real life doesn?t mean you?ll come off as alpha on the internet. It?s actually not easy to express your masculinity in a dating profile without coming off as a total d-bag.

With a little bit of practice, though, ANYONE can put themselves in the alpha frame. And guess what? The more intelligent and crafty you are, the better you?ll be at hacking the alpha male code. For beta guys, this should be your favorite thing about online dating.

Presenting yourself as an alpha male is like presenting a legal case. The more alpha checkboxes you satisfy, the more watertight your case becomes. But every situation is different. Every case has its own strengths and weaknesses.

That?s why you?ve got to HIGHLIGHT your authentically alpha male traits while GLOSSING OVER or deleting any beta male characteristics. This is NOT being misleading? It?s just good marketing.

Some things are better left secret. So instead of devoting a paragraph to the awesome video game set up you?ve got in grandma?s basement, describe the pick-up basketball games you play with your friends, or the enjoyment you get from grilling fresh steaks for the family every Sunday.

Making The Alpha Male Case

Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis don?t need to hack the Alpha Male code. They?re already there. They?ve got the look, the success, and the swagger. But before you try and change yourself to be more alpha, I want to warn you: This is NOT the way to go. Far from it. The only thing worse than a beta male is being a poser.

Remember, alpha males come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and income levels. Hell, I once met a butch lesbian who was getting more tail in a month than the average beta wimp in a year. If Woody Allen can do it, you can too. Let Woody be your example of how the alpha male spirit is more about owning who you are than anything else.

So if it?s just about highlighting your characteristics, what should you look for? Basically, anything from your life that exhibits:

? Stability
? Excitement

Think about your likes/dislikes, experiences, talents, friends, career and hobbies. Look for stories and examples that fit the stability and excitement categories. When you?re writing your profile, you want to have a balance of both. So don?t make the whole thing about your love of jumping out of airplanes wearing one of those flying squirrel suit things. You need to show you?ve got some stability too.

Give Proof that You?re a Stable Man ? The Provider

Every woman finds a man who can keep her babies warm and safe exceedingly attractive. If you have a stable job, don?t be afraid to show it. In fact, you should drop subtle hints about being economically stable, or being a hard worker who?s passionate about his job, throughout your profile. Portray a ?go-get-em? attitude.

This doesn?t mean bragging about your income. It means talking about the things you like to do that require money to show you?re not hurting for cash. Even if you?re poor as dirt, you might do certain things that people with money like to do. Talk about those things to boost your APPEARANCE of having money.

Do you enjoy wine? Do you spend time in museums? Use anything like this to your advantage. And if she finds out after the first date that you?re not pulling in the Benjamins? Well, you haven?t actually lied.

Stability isn?t just about money either. A guy who can create stable relationships is also super attractive. So talk about your friends and family and what you like to do with them. And consider bringing up your pets and what you like to do with them (especially if it?s a dog). Showing you have good relationships will increase your appeal.

Boost The Excitement Factor

An alpha male isn?t just the stable provider. He also has a way of pulling everyone around him into the awesome adventure that is his life.

Pictures are a great way to convey excitement. Use photos that show you hanging out in exotic places, doing exciting sports, or having fun with friends (just don?t overdo the party shots).

Dumping the adjectives in your profile text will also help you in the excitement department. Everybody uses the same adjectives to describe themselves. Women see them over and over again on every guy?s profile. ?I?m smart, funny, successful & adventurous? might as well read ?I?m boring, boring, boring and I?m also dumb as a hammer.? Instead of adjectives, try to put the reader in the moment with language that uses the 5 senses ? touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.

Convey how you are with exciting, funny or just plain cool stories from your recent past that exhibit your love off seizing the moment getting the most out of life. This is going to get women interested in being with you.

Don?t have anything exciting in your life? I bet you do. What kind of sports do you enjoy? What kind of travel adventures have you had recently? Anything kinda embarrassing happen to you lately that?s guaranteed to get a laugh and you can talk about it without sounding like a big dork?

I?ll admit, it?s pretty easy to screw these little mini-stories up, and inadvertently turn them into ?that one time at band camp?? But, when they?re done right, little references and glimpses into your life can go a long way.

A Final Note On Becoming Alpha In The Real World

Though the online world is very different from the real world, it shouldn?t be cause for concern. I work with guys every single day, turning them into digital alpha males and sending them on tons of dates with women who SEEM way out of their league. I?ll admit that not all of these guys are quite as confident as we portray them in their profile text, but I tell them to avoid worrying about that and just go on the dates.

This is the baptism by fire approach to dating. While it may be a little uncomfortable at first, I believe in it. You?ll be breaking out of your comfort zone again, again and again. Trust that spending time with more women in a romantic context is a necessary part of becoming your own brand of alpha.

So get out there and give this a try. And if you get ?stuck? while trying to transform your beta profile into a girl-getting masterpiece, feel free to give me a call here at Virtual Dating Assistants.


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