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How to Know if She is On the Prowl

You can?t tell if a woman is out to find someone to go home with just by looking at her. Or can you? There are a few subtle signs and behaviours to look for which will indicate that she has the intention to bag a man for the night. Here are a few ways to spot a woman with the same objective as you.

She?s done up

The best indicator of whether or not she?s out to get laid is how she?s dressed. If she?s on the prowl, she?ll have made every effort to make herself into a caricature of make-up, skimpy clothing and big hair. All of this getting ready has to happen before she leaves for her night out, so she?s been thinking about what she wants from early on in the evening.

Of course, this isn?t fool-proof- perhaps she just wears lots of makeup and shows skin every time she goes out. Also, while she?s dressed to impress, her intention may not be to impress you. She could be out with her boyfriend, or she could want to impress her girlfriends with her sense of style, or she could not be into men at all.

She?s trying to have fun

When you?re out and trying to score, you don?t sit in the corner being a sad sack. That would destroy your chances. You try to put yourself out there. You hit the dancefloor and talk to people, even if you don?t particularly feel like it at first. A woman who wants to get some action tonight won?t be sitting down and sulking. Even if it?s been an awful night for her so far, she is on a mission. Look for women who seem purposeful in their actions and are making a big show of how much fun they are having.

She?s aware of her surroundings

She sizes up every guy in her vicinity to see if any take her fancy. She will flit between the dancefloor and the bar in search of the best looking men in the club. Rather than being in her own little world, having fun with her girlfriends, she is actively looking around and subtly checking out everyone around her. If she makes prolonged eye contact with you, that?s a good sign that at first glance, you seem to be what she?s looking for.

She?s talking to guys

A woman who is keen to find a man to take home is going to try to talk to as many different men as possible to try to improve her chances. She will constantly be making approaches, or even just having some casual banter by the bar. Let her approach you so she feels in control of what happens next. Also, if she?s making approaches and doesn?t even consider you, it?s because she?s not interested. Let her do the hard work of seducing you rather than the other way around.

There?s no mysterious code to women?s behavior when they are out looking for some booty to haul home. They behave in much the same way you would and tend to be obvious about their intentions.

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