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Lame Excuses Are Preventing You From Getting Laid

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about lame excuses. We all have them we all sometimes make them, but it becomes a problem when making lame excuses becomes your default way to deal with why you’re not doing enough approaches, why you’re not pushing things farther, why you’re not moving things forward, why you’re not getting out of the house, et cetera.

So I want to talk about some of the lame excuses guys make and the ones I hear most commonly as to why they can’t get out and approach more women.

The first lame excuse that guys make is that they don?t have enough time. Now I do realize that there are some guys who legitimately don?t have enough time to go out and do 50 approaches a week, but those guys are few and far between, and you don?t have to do 50 approaches a week. You can do 20 approaches a week, and few guys don?t have the time to go out and do 20 approaches a week.

When it comes to making the time excuse you really have to look at what you’re doing with your time and how your time is actually being spent, because a lot of the times people think they’re spending their time one way, when in reality they’re spending it a very, very different way.

So look at your day from when you get up to when you go to bed. Do you commute to work in your car or on a bus or a train? Those are great places to meet women. Do you walk? Do you eat lunch out somewhere where you can talk to girls? Or do you eat lunch by yourself in a hurry? Especially what do you do after work?

The real time-wasters come after work. There are things like playing video games, playing on the Internet, watching TV, just relaxing (quote/unquote), you know, all the things you do at your house, by yourself. If you have a lot of time to spend at your house by yourself, you’re probably not someone who has too little time to approach.

Another excuse that guys make is that they don?t like bars and clubs and they would approach but they don?t like bars and clubs. So don?t go to bars and clubs, it’s not that difficult. Bars and clubs are not the only place to meet women. In fact, they are not even one of the best places to meet women. Bars and clubs are kind of annoying. I don?t go to bars and clubs that often, but I have no problems meeting women.

You?ve got malls, coffee shops, bookstores, groups, conventions, conferences?all sorts of things. Touristy spots, the gym, a million places to meet girls. Just not wanting to go to bars and clubs is not a good excuse.

Another excuse that guys come up with for not going out, or not approaching, is guys will say, ?I would have approached but X, Y, Z? and they come up with some reason not do the approach – that?s another one of my favorites.

I would have approached but she was with her friends. Okay, so you can’t approach a girl with her friends, I think we’ve established that that?s possible and that?s something that people do, especially in bars and clubs. Or, ?I would have approached but she was with a guy.? Again, you don?t know if that guy is her boyfriend or her brother or her friend from work or gay; or her best friend’s boyfriend. You don?t know these things, you’re not psychic.

Really, just lame excuses?an excuse is an excuse. I’ve gone through, some of the lame excuses people make but at the end of the day an excuse is an excuse and all that really matters is whether or not you did the approach, or whether or not you got out of the house.

You have to get out of the house and you have to approach, those are the two basic things that you have to accept if you really want to get good at this. You’re not going to meet women sitting in your bedroom, unfortunately, at least not ones that you don?t have to pay. And you’re not going to meet women by going out and not approaching.

These two things are really the bare minimums, so when you find yourself making excuses, even ones that seem good to you, or that you feel like you could believe, you?ve got to snap yourself out of that and go, ?NO I’m not going to make an excuse, it’s just a lame excuse and I’m going to hold myself to a higher standard.? Because when you do that, you’re going to get much, much, much better results and be much, much happier with your life overall.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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