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The Three Pick-Up Techniques That Women Know About

Women are onto your techniques. They are fully aware that there’s a whole industry out there for guys who need to be coached in getting with them. What’s more, many women can name a few of the most well-known strategies for picking up.
Whenever a women’s magazine runs an article informing their readers about the PUA industry, they’ll give a few examples of techniques. Even women who don’t read trashy magazines might have been educated by their girlfriends. Or she might have heard the same line a few too many times, and Googled it only to find a whole corner of the internet dedicated to getting in her pants.

negging3All of the following techniques are quite old, yet men still try to use them only to get caught out. If you’re going to produce a textbook approach to picking up, be aware that many women know about the most famous tools for picking up.


Deliberately making a woman feel bad- for example, telling her that she’s got lipstick all over her teeth or that her hands are big for her height- is not a technique she will take kindly to unless she’s already under your spell. I suspect negging was invented by someone who wanted to sabotage the competition by setting other guys up to fail. More importantly, it’s also a very well-known technique. This is the one that most women know. It’s the example that’s always given when women are talking about the pick-up scene. It’s not that they haven’t heard of any others, but they remember this one because it’s shocking the first time you hear it.

“What are your thoughts on [random unexpected topic]?”

Asking weird questions can work if you are extremely charismatic. Otherwise, you will either come off as weird in a bad way, or it will be obvious that you have planned ahead. This sentence structure is particularly well known to women, because it is used for far too many canned lines. Anyone that has watched a TV show or a read an editorial about the PUA industry will recognise this trick, even if you try to package it in a slightly different way. By all means try to have a memorable conversation, but it should flow naturally as part of the conversation. She will be particularly critical at the start of your interaction, so using a “what are your thoughts on…” line as an opener is guaranteed to fail if she’s heard it before.

Cold reading

You need a very gullible woman to firstly, believe that you can tell things about her personality from looking at her palms/horoscope/bowel movements, and secondly, not have heard of cold reading before. Women know that guys attempt to play the mystic to get in their pants. Unfortunately, this technique has been around for way too long for most women to fall for it anymore. It’s one thing to make a seemingly insightful observation about her, but quite another to claim that you can read her aura. A sceptical woman will never fall for it, and will most likely know that you got the idea from reading an e-book.

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