How To Get Laid In A Social Circle

Although I?m against considering social circles as a means to get laid, I know there?s a lot of dudes out there that really do not see approach game as an option. It may be down to all sorts of approach anxiety issues but that doesn?t means they shouldn?t be able to get laid. With that being said, I?ve come up with a great way to leverage one?s social circle in order to get some tail.

The Mechanics of A Social Circle And The Benefits It Can Bring

Social circles exist in order to fulfill some of our ?social needs?. These needs are absolutely detrimental to our mental well being and include things like: drama, gossiping, respect, status etc. It?s safe to say that almost no secrets are kept in a social circle and that everyone that is involved in a social circle will be discussed in great detail by the others when he/she?s not around.

The main thing about a social circle is that everyone in it sees the same things about someone. For example, if Jim has a very bad opinion about someone, most people in the group will have the same opinion about that someone even if they never met him/her.

As a player, you can use this to your advantage. You can basically call any social circle a market and anyone in that circle your free advertising agent, because that?s exactly what he/she is.

The basic principle of owning a social circle is simple. Project an image of incredibly high-status and own that image to the ground. Remember, the whole point is to sleep with the women involved so, if this particular social circle is filled with guys and girls (as it should obviously be) you must do two things in order to project the desired image.

1. Hide the beasts that you?ve been banging.

2. Create your desired image by talking about yourself with the group. In order to get lays that image should be a of a well educated gentleman player that sleeps with a lot of beautiful women (stories don?t need to be necessarily true).

Don?t Let Them Know Where You?ve Been

This point is more important than you think. If you?re the type of dude that doesn?t really care about where he puts his junk (not that there?s anything wrong with that) you could have some serious trouble if you run in a decently sized social circle. Why? Well to put it simply, banging beasts doesn?t really help raise your ?educated gentleman player that sleeps with a lot of beautiful women? status.

Personally, apart from a selected few, I?ve mostly dated hot chicks and this was never really a problem. Women in my social circles know that I have high-standards and they also know that I have no trouble getting quality women.
It all comes down to the fact that hot girls want dudes that have been with other hot girls. Sure, most hot chicks have a high-perceived status of themselves and might view the majority of women as being ?not as good looking? but if you?re known for sleeping with the uglies the odds won?t ever be in your favor.

To put this simply, girls don?t mind dating dudes that have been with thousands of chicks (they actually like it) but they would mind dating a dude that dated thousands of chicks that are less attractive than she is.

Become Who You Were Destined To Be

You?re obviously not going to be able to apply these tips in your current social circle since those people already know you, but you can and should do this with new social circles (say a new job, new school, new college, going to college, new friends you thought were cool etc).

Talk about the great girls you?ve banged and all the great places you?ve been to. Speak highly of them girls and their hotness. The lame dudes in the group will tell all the other girls in the group that you?re a player thinking that?s going to lower your status and make them look like something else than the total deuchebags they are. As we already know, when a woman hears bro be banging many women she?ll automatically assume that bro is desirable because all the other hotties wanted some of that action.

*when creating this image be very careful around bored 3 year long girlfriends of other dudes that don?t give em enough adventure? having a dudes girlfriend rubbing your crotch when you?re all sitting at a table talking is more awkward than your mom walking in on you beating off*

Also, DO NOT talk about theory of game and how GAME is what gets you laid. No chick wants to hear how you have to do 20 approaches per night to get 2 solid numbers which eventually turn into a bang and therefore you score a lot of chicks because you put in hundreds of hours of work into being a player.

That stuff has no romance and will not do you any good. Just discuss how you?ve seen most of them giving you the eye (or at least you thought they were) and then approached them with tremendous success on a consistently regular basis. It isn?t you that?s doing the work, it?s something that you have that makes them want you?it?s that natural quality.

How It All Works

Get into new social circle ? Create your desired status ? Everybody finds out about your status ? Hot girls find out about your status ? Hot girls want to bang you because of your status ? You bang the hot girls ? Hot girls found out you banged other hot girls ? You bang more hot girls ? You?ve banged the entire social circle ? You find new social circle ? Repeat

Remember, the new people you meet don?t know anything about you. They don?t know you used to be (are) a total loser that never gets any women. They know and will believe what you tell them. Create an image of an all round educated and interesting person that gets tons of love from women. Don?t make it all about how many women you got, keep it modest but make people interested so they ask you more. Soon enough you?ll get introduced to a chick that seems totally into you, even though you just met her. She?s into you because she already knows exactly who you are – *Love The Social Circle*

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