Must-Read: Healthy Beers

There are few things better in life than spending a hot summer day lounging in the sun, with the ocean breeze coming in to cool you down on the outside, and an outstanding beer cooling you down from the inside. Summer and beers go together like… whiskey and winter? Sure. That works. The problem with beers, though, is that they are loaded with calories and things that probably aren’t the best thing for you to ingest at the rate of beer-drinking that most of us do. That said, all beers are NOT created equal. There are actually a handful of beers out there that won’t destroy your body, and may actually be quasi-good for you. (We’re not talking about them being as healthy as kale or something, mind you, just not as terrible as some of the other beer options out there.)

So today we’re heading to where they have a list of the 10 summer beers that actually have health benefits. Among their selections that need to be tried out this summer:

Abita Purple Haze Don?t enjoy the bitter taste of beer but still want to reap the heart-health benefits? Have no fear! Abita infused this brew with real raspberries to deliver a fruity aroma and a sweet taste. The berries pack an antioxidant punch and give the beer its namesake purplish hue.

Type: Lager Alcohol Content: 4.2% Calories: 145 Carbs: 11 grams

So head on over to the link to check out the rest of the best beers for your body this summer. And then get drinking! But, you know, do so responsibly. Drinking a dozen of these at a time is sure to diminish any of the “healthier” benefits these beers have in relation to the other choices out there.

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