Four Ways Not to Accessorize a Suit

Accessories can be a great finishing touch to your suit; they can also be its demise. It?s better to go without accessories altogether rather than cheapen your look with bad accessories. Acceptable suit accessories include tie clips, jewelry and watches, and interesting ties. The following, however, are never okay to be worn with a suit.


There is no such thing as formal sunglasses. So, you can?t wear them with a suit. No exceptions. It doesn?t matter if they are a designer. You will inevitably look less stylish by trying to wear sunnies with your suit.

While it should go without saying that you can?t wear sunglasses inside, don?t think you can get away with pairing sunglasses with your suit if you?re going to an outdoors event. Being outside doesn?t make it okay. You can deal with getting a bit of sun in your eyes. Wearing sunglasses with a suit doesn?t make you look dapper as you may think. You look like you think you?re in Reservoir Dogs. Sunglasses are not an appropriate accessory for social occasions anyway; they make interactions seem less personal as they obscure eye contact.


Suits are meant to be classy. Trilby hats are worn by teenagers who think they?re being classy. As you can imagine, it?s best if trilbies and suits never cross paths. This isn?t to say that you can?t wear a hat with your suit. Hats can be fantastic suit accessories. A quality hat can make your suit look snazzier whether you?re in a formal or casual setting; but please, go with one that?s less of a clich? than the trilby. By pairing a trilby with a suit, you are advertising your lack of style knowledge on top of your head.

Novelty ties

Why do novelty ties exist? It?s a mystery to me. You?re not being funny by wearing your lame sense of humor on your tie. All you?re doing is proclaiming not only your bad sense of humor, but also your appalling sense of style. You?re certainly allowed to experiment with ties- different widths, colors and patterns are all ways to express your personal style while still looking dapper. Novelty ties, on the other hand, destroy any semblance of style that your suit once had.
Non leather belt
The most important accessory you wear with a suit is a belt. Not necessarily for its aesthetic value, but because it keeps your pants in place. However, it needs to be leather (or a quality imitation). Remember when you wear a suit with the jacket unbuttoned, the front of your belt is very visible. You don?t want a tacky printed cloth belt ruining your look. You shouldn?t even own a tacky printed belt- there are no circumstances when it?s appropriate to wear an ugly belt. You can also get leather belts that are ugly, usually owing to some unfortunate weave design; these are also best left avoided if you don?t want your suit to look ridiculous.

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