Inner Game and the Rest of Your Life

There?s an old clich? in the pick up artiste community that pickup isn?t just about meeting women, but that it?s also about building a life. And the thing with most clich?s is that they are actually quite true.

The brilliant thing about pickup is that most of the things you learn within the community can be applied in every other human interaction of your life. Because when you truly break it down, pickup really is about understanding and bending the rules of human social interactions to steer them in your favor.

For example, not only can a false-time constraint help make a woman feel more at ease with your approach, but it can also help you speed up a business meeting with a bunch of potentially arduous clients. And as with most areas of pickup, strong inner game can transcend pickup and seducing women and help improve a number of other areas of your life.

One crucial area of success in seduction and in life at large is confidence. Not only is it true that women find confident men much more attractive, it is also true that human beings in general respond better to confidence.

Say for instance you?re a performing musician; a huge part of your stage presence stems from your confidence being onstage. Audiences respond the way they do to front men like Steven Tyler and Bruce Dickinson because they ooze charisma and confidence on stage. When Steven Tyler strolls out on stage, takes a moment to calmly scan the crowd and asks his audience to scream their lungs out ? they fucking scream their lungs out.

The thing about confidence is that it makes people more comfortable around you and allows them to feel at ease allowing you to lead any social interaction. This is invaluable in most social situations in life because you want to be able to lead your social interactions towards directions useful to you. And developing strong inner game is an integral part of becoming a confident human being able to lead others with comfort and ease.

Another way inner game influences your psyche is it allows you to have a stronger reality, which again is crucial for succeeding in most areas of life. Be it a business meeting, a negotiation or an argument with a Colombian drug lord, having a stronger reality can often mean the difference between success or failure and even life or death.

In the book The Game by Neil Strauss, Mystery faces down an ex military man from Bratislava that?s ready to shoot him down by pretending that he can use powers of magic to cripple the man?s brain cells with a snap of his thumb. The military man eventually backs down because Mystery?s reality was stronger than his.

Now you might not always find yourself in life or death situations involving ex commandos that want to shoot you to death over a pretty woman, but you will face social situations like business negotiations or arguments where having a stronger reality can make a world of difference.

Developing strong inner game also shapes the way you view yourself and the world around you. Not only will having
strong inner game help you see the world without the mind?s negative inferences, but it will also help you accept facets of the world that faze most people. This is an invaluable tool in real life because there will always be people ready to assail your beliefs or your actions. Such is the nature of life.

For example, your boss could stomp on your next brilliant idea and throw it out the window. A person with a lack of inner game would take this as a personal insult and a severe blow to their worth as a human being. But a person with strong inner game and thus a thicker skin would realize that there could be a number of external factors influencing such events, and is able to move past these situations without being bogged down by the negative.

Something you will notice in the field of pickup and seduction is that the really good pick up artistes are usually successful in all other areas of life, not just picking up women. This is because they understand the need to view seduction and the process of building a strong foundation of solid inner game as something that goes beyond picking up women.

By looking at the world with a much broader perspective and using inner game to improve other areas of your life, you will eventually become the type of man that women find attractive before you even say a word.

And although it’s impossible to teach inner game, there’s quick and easy method that installs inner game directly into your mind, check the video at this link.

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