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Top Five Movies of Brie Larson

When I mention Brie Larson, I could immediately start talking about her role in ?Short Term 12,? just released and for which she won the best actress at the Locarno International Film Festival. I could write about her supporting roles in two additional well-reviewed movies, ?Don Jon? which also stars the lovely Scarlett Johansson and ?The Spectacular Now? that stars the up and coming Shailene Woodley, but sadly, those aren?t the first things that came to my mind. When I think of Brie, I predictably think of cheese.

Food is never far from my mind. Where will I eat? When will I eat? When will I eat next? I?m sure it?s instinctual and not just me being weirdly hyper-focused on food. So, I see Brie?s name and I think I could go for a slice of cheddar cheese. I don?t like Brie, the cheese, much. I just looked it up online and realized that the outer crust is a moldy rind. No wonder it tastes filthy. Now, my mouth puckers just thinking of my previous Brie, the cheese, encounters and even my open food mind can?t stomach the thought of another. So, I will smile and turn my thoughts back to a sharp cheddar and the lovely Brie, the actress, and think of five movies without a lick of mold and think of happy Brie, movie and cheese thoughts.

5. Treatment

I?m not sure if this movie will be good, but the fact that it has Joshua Leonard makes me more than curious about it. You see, he was one of the stars of ?The Blair Witch Project? and that movie scared the heck out of me. (Maybe it was because I went to a seven o?clock show and afterwards was going to go set up my tent in a dark, secluded campsite.) I want to see his work because of that first impression. Just like I want to read Heather Donahue?s ?Growgirl.?

4. Tanner Hall

Ok, I admit, I still haven?t lost my high school age fascination with all-girls boarding schools. The presence of Brie and Rooney Mara in this movie has a lot to do with this particular fascination.

3. 21 Jump Street

I remember thinking, there?s no way this movie will be good. Good reviews? I don?t believe them. It has to be bad. I was wrong. This movie had a lot of genuine laughs and ended up being pretty creative for a remake of a TV show. I make that last conclusion without ever having watched the original source, so of course I would find it original.

2. Greenberg

It?s the best movie that Greta Gerwig had done to that point in my opinion (though ?Frances Ha? may take its place in my mental rankings) and I have to rank it at least close to that level for Brie. Why? My mental rankings, my rules.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aubrey Plaza, the soon to be profiled Anna Kendrick and Brie all combine with Edgar Wright and Michael Cera to make this comic book movie wonderful and an easy number one for them all. Well, I?ll have to give Anna?s ?Up in the Air? serious consideration for her top spot. I?m sure it will be close.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Brie Larson top five?

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