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Must-Read: Stop Texting and Driving, Jerks

We used to be big texter-while-drivers over here. It was really the only way for us to get business done. We would be locked up in our cars for so many hours of the day, with emails that needed responses right then, or people texting us directions to wherever that we needed to “thank” immediately right then and there in order to, we guess, keep them in our good graces? So we would drive 60 miles an hour down the highway, weaving in and out of cars, and texting all the live long day. But then we realized something: No one cares on the other side of the phone line when we text. We could wait a few minutes to get back to them. Because, man, texting behind the wheel is really, awfully a stupid thing to do.

textdrive1What’s even scarier is that, as this Men’s Health article tells us, men are more apt to text and drive than ever:

Four out of five college students text while driving.

A new study out of King’s College found that male drivers are more likely to whip out the phone and text while driving but consider themselves better drivers and, therefore, less likely to hurt anyone. In essence, the study, published in International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management, shows that men are more likely to text while driving because they don’t think it’s likely they’ll hurt anyone.

Yikes. So, c’mon everyone. Whatever crazy inane text you’re about to send can wait. At the very least, pull over to the side of the road and text if it’s that important. But don’t be a jerk and sit there texting while you navigate roads where other people are currently also doing the same thing, and people are walking, and there are bikers around. Last thing you want is to be dead. Second-to-last thing you want is to be the party responsible for someone else’s death or injury. So, keep it safe out there boys and girls.

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