What She Thinks of Your Dancing Techniques

Unfortunately for those of us that are hopelessly uncoordinated, dancing is a huge part of the nightlife culture. It?s so easy to get it wrong, but the good news is you don?t have to be a good dancer to get it right.

Too cocky

You think you have all the moves, but you could have an overinflated view of your dancing abilities. Especially after you?ve had a few drinks, you probably think you are pulling out amazing moves when you actually look ridiculous. You need to have a bit of confidence in your body to be able to dance, but you should be wary of being that guy who goes too far the other way. Keep your moves simple unless you really are an amazing dancer.

Too creepy

Just because a woman is out clubbing, doesn?t mean she?s there to meet a guy just like you. She may be there to have fun with her friends, and even if she?s looking for a man to take home, that doesn?t mean she will take the first one she sees. So you really can?t grind all over her when she?s dancing without finding out if she?s interested. The creepy guys are the ones who don?t go for eye contact, don?t start touching slowly, but the ones that grab straightaway. Even worse is approaching her from behind. Since you evolved into a human being, you gained the ability to seduce women in less creepy ways.

Too out of it

The whole point of going out is to pick up and meet people. Being in your own little world on the dance floor will not help you achieve this goal. Closing your eyes and singing to yourself is a solitary experience. You need to make eye contact with people around you that you want to dance with, and interact with them. Women who see you having too much fun dancing by yourself are not going to go out of their way to get your attention.

Too cool

Are you one of the guys who stand on the outside of the dance floor, talking to your buddies and spectating how other people dance? You may be doing this because you don?t want to make any of the aforementioned mistakes. But is no dancing any better than horrible dancing? By standing on the outskirts, you look like you think you?re too cool to dance. This is by no means a compliment. Girls will think that if you?re not even willing to attempt dancing, you?re not going to be much fun. That?s if you even get noticed at all. If dancing is really not your thing and you can?t bear to give it a go, at least don?t stand next to the dance floor. Find another setting which is more suited to your personality.

How to get it just right

You don?t have to be a good dancer to in order to dance. You need a bit of confidence, mixed with not taking yourself too seriously. Mix in some daggy dance moves if it fits in with your personality. It?s about looking like you?re having fun rather than looking like a professional if you want girls to be interested in dancing with you.

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