Picking Up at a House Party

Talking to women at a house party is completely different from picking up at a nightclub. As everyone must be friendly and talkative at a low key party, luck is already on your side.

Move around

You have to get up and move around if you want to have a shot at picking up. Sitting down in the same spot all night means you won?t get to meet many people, and you will also have a generally boring time. If you?re only sitting down to chat to a particular girl that you have your eye on, after a while you should try to make an excuse for both of you to get up. Suggest that you both go over to the punch bowl or the food table, or have a dance if there is a makeshift dance floor.

Talk to everyone

Be friendly to everyone, even those who you have no interest in getting with. This includes the other guys at the party. You certainly shouldn?t focus your effort on people who you have no interest in, but outright ignoring them is just rude. Women who may have been interested in you might not bother talking to you if they see that you?re not a friendly person. Being approachable is crucial in the house party environment.

At a small party, people will notice if you?re only talking to the women. Some women will notice you?ve no shortage of female attention, and make it their mission to get with you. Others will think you?re sleazy and be put off. So it?s really up to you if you want your strategy to be talking to everyone, or just focussing on the ladies. As always, go with whichever suits your personality best.

Not everyone is there to pick up

Keep in mind that a party is not like a club. Most women do not go to a house party with the express purpose of picking up. At a club, you?ll find that women who are taken or just not interested will rarely waste your time, instead saying ?I have a boyfriend? as soon as you approach. Parties are a little different- you may be talking for half an hour before she mentions that she?s actually there with her boyfriend. You need to start flirting fairly early on in your conversation in order to establish whether or not she might be interested. If she?s not flirting back, politely excuse yourself and move on. You don?t want to do it in a way that might offend her though, as she will talk to other girls at the party about how you?re only after one thing.

A good way to excuse yourself is jokingly telling her that you?d hate for her to be stuck talking to you all night, and that it?s been nice chatting. If you can?t quite manage that, telling her that you need to go to the bathroom and you?ll talk to her later will get the message across.

Don?t be that drunken guy

No girl wants to lock lips with the guy that?s just been vomiting in the backyard. Nor are women interested in hooking up with someone that is totally incoherent and can?t walk straight. Watch your alcohol intake so you don?t get to this nasty stage. Alcohol can be an excellent tool for loosening up if you get nervous in social situations, but taking it too far is repulsive.

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