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5 Ideas for Getting a Business Mentor

Finding a business mentor is kind of like finding a girlfriend, it can be a pain in the ass if you don?t know where to look and what you?re doing. With that being said, getting a business mentor is totally worth it if you?ve got a plan in place.

Why get a business mentor? As I mentioned in my last post, if you?re reading this site, you?re likely a creative type and working on some entrepreneurial pursuits. You want your own business and should be involved with projects that advance your personal brand. Ideally, all of that would make you a ton of money! So, it?s good to have successful business people in your rolodex you can ask for advice and help review business decisions.

Here are 5 tips for getting a good business mentor:

1. Pay for one.

First and foremost, if you?re running a business, don?t hesitate to hire a business consultant if that?s what it takes. Time is money and successful business people are busy. Consider paying top dollar for a couple of hours per week/month if that?s what you need. Usually the ROI on that investment is massively worth it.

2. Business Clubs.

I used to be involved in real estate investing back in the day and I joined the local investors club. That was stocked with tons of successful business people and it wasn?t hard to connect with them and take those folks out to lunch. Networking is pretty much the point of business clubs. Find a good one in your area, preferably one that has live meetups and events, and join it.

3. Connect Via Your Personal Network.

Similar to the business club idea, go to networking events and connect with people via your personal network. I leverage Facebook and LinkedIn for this purpose to get introductions also.

One example, I used to coach youth soccer and I connected with a parent who was Director of Sales at a successful software company. I took that guy out to lunch, got a tour of his operation, and learned a ton in just a few hours. I still email with that guy for tips and advice.

4. Offer Something in Trade.

This one works really well, but if you can offer a skill or service in trade for consulting, it?s a deal. The gym I go to can offer free memberships and coaching to members who have valuable business experience. It?s a win-win. I offer web development services in exchange for consulting all the time.

5. Work For One.

This is how most people get their business mentoring, but if you can get hired at a successful company and worm your way into the inner circle of the owners, you?re in the money. The problem is, if you?re working for someone, they generally don?t like it when you?re building your own business in your off hours. Tread carefully.

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