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Top Five Movies of Imogen Poots

I have to admit that I saw the name Imogen Poots more than a couple of times before I thought to see what she looked like. She?s not a contemporary of Dame Judi Dench or Dame Maggie Smith like I thought from just looking at that name and imagining rings of grey hair, a shawl and thick brown pantyhose. No, Imogen is a young starlet about to really hit the big time with roles in the biography of Jimi Hendrix with Andre Benjamin, ?Filth? with James McAvoy and ?Need for Speed? with Aaron Paul.

It?s also interesting that unlike Kim Basinger from last week, I found a lot more movies that interest me. I?m not even going to cull them down. You get ten, that?s right, ten movies starring Imogen because I love how her name fools me and I find quite a few intriguing. (It also makes me wonder that for all of the complaints about movies not being as good, it might be that we are less selective when we are younger and we are actually living in an age where lots and lots of good movies get made, if you look for them.) So, here goes a quick ten from Imogen (while not even including her role from ?V For Vendetta? which she made when she was a young?un.)

10. Comes A Bright Day

The last movie to make the list, it gets there due to its IMDB summary: ?A romantic thriller set during the armed robbery of one of London’s most exclusive jewelers.? I don?t think I?ve seen that plot line in a heist movie yet.

9. The Look of Love

This makes the list for Steve Coogan, Michael Winterbottom and the lead actress from one of my favorite TV shows, ?Pushing Daisies,? Anna Friel.

8. Greetings from Tim Buckley

I like Jeff Buckley?s ?Grace? quite a bit. Its melancholy serves as a great soundtrack on long nights driving on dark highways. So, I would like to learn a bit more about the man behind the music.

7. Fright Night

This movie may not be great. However, it has the Tenth Doctor, it has Imogen and it has McLovin. I?m willing to give this remake a try as I recently heard people talk of watching the original and it didn?t survive well outside of our childhoods.

6. Cracks

I don?t know if there is a sexier woman than Eva Green. Yes, that is almost completely based on her role in ?The Dreamers.?

5. Jane Eyre

I?m a sucker for the literature of the 1800s and the tales of the women then. Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte obviously top that list and it seems these movies are the rare ones that match the books.

4. Centurion

I didn?t care for ?300.? However, this gladiator movie has McNulty from ?The Wire,? David Morrissey from ?State of Play? and Michael Fassbender to go with Imogen. I have to think it is much better.

3. Solitary Man

Goodness, not only is Imogen in this one, it also has Jenna Fischer of ?The Office? and Mary-Louise Parker. Easy yes.

2. A Late Quartet

The cast again makes this a must see. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener star with Imogen. Yes.

1. 28 Weeks Later

Zombies, Hawkeye, Stringer and Begbie, oh my!

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Imogen Poots top five?

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