What She Thinks of You Being Younger Than Her

Being with a woman older than yourself can be an eye-opening experience, but what is she thinking about being with a younger man?

It can be a bad start

Many women have a blanket policy of not dating younger. Convinced that younger guys are immature, this type of woman will think that you?re just wasting her time. So, if you?re chasing after someone a little older than yourself, keep in mind that she may be apprehensive about giving you a chance. You need to play your cards right, or she will have no qualms about giving you the flick. Be aware that older women will be a little more callous than those around the same age as you.

She may think it?s not serious

Particularly if she?s at a stage in her life where she?s thinking about settling down, she may think you?re not the one to settle down with simply because you?re younger. She is likely to see your fling as just being a bit of fun while she waits for someone more dependable. Conversely, if she?s already done the whole settling down thing and decided that it?s not for her, she may think that you?re going to leave her for someone steadier. This is still the same outcome, as she will not be taking your relationship seriously.

It?s wise to discuss your expectations early on- if you think you may want to pursue a serious relationship with her, you should probably find out if she?s ruled out getting serious because of your age.

She doesn?t want you to pretend to be older

If she wanted to be with someone her own age or older, she would be. For many women, the appeal of dating a younger man is that it keeps her feeling youthful. She wants to have crazy, spontaneous experiences with you. Don?t try to fake being mature so that she?ll take you more seriously. Not only will she see be able to tell you?re putting it on, but it?s probably also not what she wants.

She can see through you

Some things decline with age, but other things get better (and not just in the bedroom). If you?re trying to play games with her, or are sneaking around behind her back, it?s likely that she knows about it. She has either done it before, or has been with a man that?s acted the same way. If you?re cheating on her and she hasn?t said anything, it?s probably because she doesn?t care. Women tend to get less jealous over their lives.

She?s worried about people thinking she?s your mother

When the age gap is big enough that she looks like she could actually be your mother, she?s going to feel a little insecure about this. This is especially true if you have had people treating you as a mother and son when you go out as a couple. To combat this, she wants you to be affectionate in public, so there is no doubt that you are her boyfriend, not her child.

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