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Must-Read: Prevent a Hangover


badhang12Hangovers are the worst, no doubt about it. But what happens with people who get them is that instead of trying to prevent them, they try to cure them afterwards when they’re already not feeling all that great. Instead, there are ways to actually do certain things when you’re in the midst of drinking that will actually keep you from being so hungover the next day. It’s not rocket science, either.

And so today we’re heading on over to Men’s Fitness where they have a list of foods that you need to understand that you should eat while you’re drinking in order to keep you from having a terrible time the next day. For example:

Green Juice

Downing a green juice before you drink will do wonders for your body. Alcohol dehydrates you and robs your body of electrolytes and nutrients. But sipping fresh juice will flood your body with vitamins and minerals, boosting your defenses when you switch over to alcohol. “If you don’t feel like having a green juice after you drink, get that nutrition in beforehand,” says Kerry Bajaj, a certified health coach at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. “Fit in as many greens, like spinach, kale, bok choy, celery and cucumber, as you can. To sweeten it, try apple, lemon or ginger.”

No time to make your own? Try the mighty Kale Apple Pineapple Chia Seeds juice at your local Jamba Juice. Think the nutrient line-up sounds solid? It tastes even better. Find out how to score one for free during Jamba Juice’s Million Smoothie Giveaway.

That’s just one of the ways to make sure that you don’t end up with a blistering headache the day after a nice long night out on the town. So head on over to the link above to check out the rest.

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