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How to Pick Up on Facebook

facegirl3Facebook can seem like a catalogue of people- just put in a few filters and you can browse women who you might want to add and get to know. However, there is a real technique to picking up via Facebook. It’s not as easy as you think.

She can’t be a complete random

The number one rule of picking up on Facebook: she needs to know vaguely who you are. Your attempts to woo her are not going to get very far if she won’t even accept your friend request. If you have no mutual friends, most women are going to ignore the request without even checking you out. You should be going for women with five or more mutual friends. Either she will think that she knows you, or she will reason that you must be alright since you are friends with her friends. Often, girls will message their mutual friends asking about the guy who added them, so make sure that the mutual friends are known to you in real life, and have a good impression of you. She’s not going to add you if all five of your mutual friends report to her that you randomly added them.

Common networks

Let’s say you’ve exhausted all the options of women that are friends with your friends. This doesn’t mean that Facebook is not an option. If you’re active in any groups, you can add women from those groups. Don’t bother if you’ve never interacted with them, however. You should concentrate on adding those who have commented on posts that you have also been active on, or who have liked your posts and comments.

No creepy comments

Don’t be that guy who comments “ur sexy” on her pictures. She will think you’re a weirdo. If you want to compliment her on her appearance, do it in message form, when you’re already having a conversation. A simple and sincere compliment, in a private message, is much less creepy.

Build rapport

You may be behind a computer screen, but you need to build rapport just as you would if you met at a bar. Don’t drive straight in the deep end by asking her if she’s up for a casual encounter. Have at least one genuine conversation. It’s much easier to do this online rather than in real life, because you have a wealth of information about her at your fingertips. For instance, if you see that she’s liked a page on a particular band, you could tell her that you also like that band and ask her for music recommendations. Keep in mind that if she didn’t want to talk to you, she probably wouldn’t. It’s so easy to let a conversation die or to block someone- much easier than in a real life interaction. If she’s asking you questions and starts conversations some of the time, it’s quite likely that she’s interested in you.

The first meeting

Once you’ve suggested meeting up, make the first meeting something simple in a public place, such as going for coffee. This proves that you’re not some creep from the internet, which will be her number one worry. There’s no rush to get her on an intimate date. If she is really interested, she’ll want to see you again for something a little more personal.

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