Must-Read: The Best Aphrodisiacs

Too often, us Americans take food for granted. To a lot of us, it’s simply there in order to fill up our gas tank (that’s what we call our stomachs) and get us moving. And that’s it. When it’s empty, we fill it, and then move on. But really there are plenty of ways that food can help better our lives, if we just know what to be looking for. For example, food can completely make our sex lives a whole lot better.

Which is why today we’re heading to where they have a list of the best foods out there that you can eat — or you can feed to your prospective partner — to get them into the mood. What mood you ask? Well, idiot, the mood for the sexing!

For example, among the foods that you can eat that will ultimately get you ready for some of that bedroom fun:

Chili Peppers

Getting yourself in the right state of mind is half the battle. The good news is chilies can assist you with the. Eat some heat and you?ll start to feel like you?re turned on. The spice in peppers quickens the pulse, induces sweating and releases endorphins, mimicking what happens when you?re sexually aroused.

And one more, just because if you’re like us then you’re not a huge fan of spice:


Did you know that the Aztecs used to call the avocado tree the ?testicle tree?? That?s because the fruits hang in pairs — like, well, you know. Avocados are rich in beta carotene, magnesium and vitamin E, which in some circles is known as the ?sex vitamin? because it helps in the production of sex hormones. How about some guacamole tonight?

There’s a whole lot more for you in the piece. So head on over to the above link, and check out the rest. And then maybe head on over to the grocery store and fill up your shopping cart with a few of them.

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