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The Alpha Male Checklist

How Many Of These 10 Things Are You ACTUALLY Doing?

The girl that you want keeps slipping through your fingers. It’s not because you haven’t learned the right lines to say yet that will turn her on. And it’s not because you haven’t bought the right clothes yet or gained that extra five pounds of muscle yet.

It is actually quite simple. The biggest reason that you’re not attracting the high quality girls that you so desperately want boils down to one thing; Behavior. More specifically, masculine alpha male behavior.

I will prove it to you.

I was out at this club the other day and there was this girl standing inline in front of me. She had on this tight white dress with her cleavage pouring out the top of it. She was easily the top two or three hottest girls there. So I pulled out my prop bag and started looking for my deck of cards so that I could do a magic trick…just kidding 😉 I actually just talked to her briefly inline and then said, ?I’ll see you inside.?

It was about an hour or so later and my friend and I were standing in one of the VIP sections. When the same girl that was inline earlier came over to me. At this point she was a little drunk. I didn’t mind at first, but then she opened her mouth. Every other word that came out of her mouth was a four letter word. She was swearing and then making fun of some other girls on the dance floor. It was a HUGE turn off.

In just a matter of a few hours; the girl that I thought was the hottest girl in the club, I now just wanted to go away. But why? Her body didn’t change. The fact that she had on a tight dress didn’t change. There was only one thing that did change, it was her behavior.

You see, as men, we are attracted to feminine behaviors in a women. It is not so much the way a girl looks, but it is more about the way she acts and carries herself. We want a girl that is gentle, respectable, elegant, etc. In the case of the girl at the club; I lost attraction because she was no longer being feminine. She was swearing, being clumsy, being disrespectful, which is all a huge turnoff.

The same thing applies to a man. When you start acting to ?nice? or maybe even a little feminine, it turns her off. So even if you are a good looking guy, but you’re not acting masculine, she will move onto a guy that can naturally turn her on by acting like a man. Bobby and Rob actually talk about this in Unlock Her Legs: Module 4 Asserting Masculinity.

And the good news is that, if you think that you’re not an attractive guy, you can become VERY attractive to a women just by acting like a masculine alpha male. I have witnessed this countless times.

The guy that is asserting himself and taking charge of the situation, will get the girl over the more attractive guy that is standing there doing nothing. So let me ask you…

How many of these masculine things are you actually doing?

1. Approaching

Girls expect the man to make the first move. Instead of hovering around a group of girls waiting for something to happen, approach them first. This will show them that you are confident and that you’re a man that goes after what he wants. If you need help getting over rejection I really like the ?rejection proof? module of magnetic messaging.

2. Planning The Date

You should never ask a girl what she wants to do. Always have a plan. I like to have at least three date options ready to go at all times. Being a planner and a leader is a very attractive masculine trait.

3. Creating An Interesting Lifestyle

Women are attracted to men that have life?s that they would want to be a part of. Take up a new hobby, learn a new activity. Become part of a new social circle. Better yet, become the leader of that group.

4. Find A Mentor

Something I’ve learned is that no matter what it is that you want to accomplish, you will get there much, much faster if you seek out help from someone that has already done it. The alpha male is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it.

5. Always Improving

As an alpha male you always want to be improving yourself. One of the best ways is, instead of listening to the radio as you’re driving; download podcasts or audio books onto your ipod and listen to those (my favorite genres are dating and business). You always want to be consuming good content and learning as much as you can.

6. Escalating

In addition to not approaching, women also do not escalate sexually. It is up to you to progress the interaction in a sexual way. This used to be one of the biggest problems that I had with women (you can read more about my struggles here).

7. Being The Protector

Women like knowing that the man that they are with is able to protect them. Even if it is something as simple as killing a spider for her, do it. She will find it attractive. Also, to help show her that you are the protector you should be…

8. Working Out

Being strong and in shape will help to show that you can be a protector. Women are especially attracted to arms, so make sure that you get in some curls to works the biceps and also do some dips to work the triceps. But also, make sure to work your legs with squats, women find strong legs to be sexy.

9. Setting Goals

Whether it’s approaching five girls when you go out, or increasing your bench press weight by 20lbs, or quitting you 9-5 job within the next year; you want to be setting goals for yourself to achieve. It will keep you motivated and will get you results. Which brings us to the last alpha male trait on the checklist and probably the most important…

10. Facing Your Fears

When you’re working to improve your life and reach your goals, it won’t always be easy. There will be many times that it might seem scary or impossible. But you must simply just keep putting one foot in front of the other and move forward facing your fears. Often times you will find that whatever you were scared of, wasn?t really that scary after all.

Let me know in the comments section below how many of these 10 things you are doing, or if there are any other traits that should be added to the list.?You can also join the free alpha boot camp waiting list at

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