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Back in our day, phones were phones. You’d pick one up, dial in a few numbers, and use it to call someone. Now, they’re way more than phones. You probably use your phone to make actual phone calls less than just about every other contraption that you’re using. And for good measure. Getting the right things on your phone can end up saving you a whole bunch of time and money and make you a better, more well-rounded individual. You just need to know what apps to download.

And so today we’re heading over to where they have a list of apps that you need to download post-haste in order to make your phone the perfect tool that it can become. For instance, among the apps they’re recommending:

Audio Chef

Audio Chef walks you through each step of cooking a meal, from prep to presentation, in real time, with an emphasis on nutritious complete meals, some including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dishes. The recipes range from 15 minutes to an hour of cooking time, and you can choose what to make based on the ingredients you have on hand or by time you’re willing to spend preparing them. A built-in timer and audio narration spares you from gumming up your device as you cook, and the developers promise to deliver new collections of recipes regularly to help you shake up your culinary routine. (Free on iTunes with four meals to start, bundle of 26 additional recipes $0.99)

And if we know it’s anything, it’s that being able to at the very least pretend you know your way around the kitchen is one of the best ways to get into a woman’s heart. So head on over to the link above and check out the other apps they’re recommending, and then get to downloading.

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