Must-Read: New Ways to Build Muscle

Super strength is not for everyone. There are certain people who simply don’t want to get crazy ripped for a variety of reasons. (Not least of which is due to the fact that it takes a whole hell of a lot of work in order to get that big.) But for people who really, really, really want to get huge, it’s not always as simple as simply heading to the gym and pumping as much iron as possible. There’s a method there that has to be known if you really want to succeed in the gym. The trick is figuring out what that method is.

And so today we’re heading on over to Men’s Health where they have new rules for how to develop super strength. For example,

The Clock Rule

Brief Workouts Are Best
Muscle growth and fat loss are proportional to hours spent lifting, right? “They’re not,” says Schaeffer. He points to Ohno’s workouts leading up to the 2010 Olympics, which rarely lasted longer than 30 minutes. “But he did more in that time than most guys do in two hours,” Schaeffer says. “Workout density trumps duration because it forces you to keep the intensity high.”

Slice “fat” from your workouts?that is, socializing at the water fountain, chatting up the brunette on the treadmill, and watching SportsCenter highlights. Then give your rest periods the same attention you do sets and reps. “Keep them to 30 seconds or less,” says Schaeffer.

So head on over to the link above to check out the other four rules they have for you guys who are looking in order to get your workout on this fall. And then get to start heading into the gym in order to get those huge muscles on you.

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