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How to wear short shorts

Short shorts for men are officially a trend. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you cannot get away with wearing short shorts when it is not in fashion.

Do you have the body?

Step one to wearing short shorts is not choosing the right color or even obtaining said pair of short shorts. The first thing you need to do is work out if they are actually going to look good on you. Even though short shorts are in fashion at the moment, that does not mean you are given a free pass to wear them when they look awful on you. If you are too skinny or too large, unfortunately short shorts are not for you. Something with a little more coverage would be more flattering. Short shorts also look awful on men who are quite tall and thin. Nobody wants to see your long, spidery legs. Also, if you are exceptionally hairy-legged, shorts of any length are really not for you.

Best for swimwear

It is difficult to wear short shorts when you are out and about. The one place where short shorts are most appropriate is beachside (or poolside, if you are inland). In such a context, short shorts can actually look quite masculine, especially if you are of a stocky, muscular structure. They are not too different from swim trunks, although generally the material will be thicker, which is more flattering on most body types.

Keep it light

Short shorts are such a summery piece that the rest of your outfit needs to follow suit. Dress in summer style with pastel toned polo shirts, white or bone colored cardigans, and nautical striped pieces. Short shorts are best in light colors. Avoid dark blue, at risk of looking like a private school kid. For an eye-catching look, try wearing shorts in pastel orange or green.

Dressing up your short shorts

Short shorts can only ever be used for a casual outfit. However, you can put together a snazzy casual outfit with short shorts as the star of the show. A lightweight blazer over a cotton shirt gives a very on-trend, preppy look. Combine several pastel and neutral shades for best effect. A pair of canvas loafers or boat shoes will go nicely with short shorts; dress shoes just look clunky. It is best to skip wearing socks with your shorts, in order to avoid looking like an old man. Add a thick leather belt to finish your look; this is the one part of your outfit which can be dark colored.

No cheeky shorts

Leave butt-bearing cheeky cuts to the ladies. The very shortest of the short shorts should be about five inches long. This is more than enough for rear coverage. If your butt is hanging out the back of your shorts, then your shorts are nothing more than glorified denim underpants. Get a style with more length. Also, short is not synonymous with tight. Your shorts should have enough give to leave something to the imagination. The outline of your junk should absolutely not be visible.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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