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How to Send Dirty Texts Before You’ve Had Sex

It can be difficult to send dirty texts to a girl before you?ve slept together, because you do not know anything about her bedroom style. All you have is your imagination, and you do not want to scare her off from your imagination going too far.

Make sure she wants to sleep with you

If she is not interested in you, a dirty text will not magically change that. She needs to be already into you for it to work. Otherwise, you can bet that she will be sending screenshots to her friends and complaining about the weird guy that is sexting her. Do not be that guy.

Be extra careful if she is someone you interact with in everyday life, such as a colleague or a classmate. You do not know if she only swapped numbers with you to be nice, or because she thinks you might be a useful connection. Sending a dirty text out of nowhere is unlikely to be met with a favourable response, and it will be awkward for both of you the next day. In fact, if she is a co-worker or classmate, I would advise against sending her a dirty text unless you have actually talked about sleeping together.

Ask her what she likes

You may not be able to talk about times together before you have had them, but you can ask her about her favourite bedroom activities. Then, you can promise to deliver those acts when you get the chance in real life. You asking her what she is into and responding accordingly will make her think that you will be a considerate lover.

Talk about her body

Presumably, you have not yet seen her naked, so you are quite limited in what you can say about her body. However, you can still compliment her. You can tell her how sexy she looked in her dress the other night; be specific and genuine, and make it about her attractiveness rather than a generic compliment. This works just as well for profile pictures, if you have yet to meet her in real life.

Don?t be too shocking

Sexting is a delicate art. You do not want her to be scared off having sex with you, in the fear that you will be too crazy in the bedroom. Be descriptive about regular, conservative sex acts rather than suggesting borderline practises that she may not like. For sending dirty texts generally, and especially if you have not slept together yet, less is more.

Don?t be drab in real life

Your fingers have done all the hard work- here I am talking about texting only! Once you move your virtual meeting to real life, you need to keep up the sexy persona you have developed through text. If you are awkward and act like the sexting never happened, you will lose all momentum. The simplest way to link the real life version of you with the sexy virtual you is to refer directly to the texts, such as asking her if she liked your texts. For more advanced flirters, you may want to simply pick up where you left off in text form.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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