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8 Really Weird Things To Know About Boobs


Boobs. So normal for people who have them and so majestically appealing to those who don’t. If you thought you knew everything there is to know about the girls, think again.

#1) Squeezing Boobs Might Prevent Cancer

According to a study at UC Berkely, giving those boobies a tight squeeze from time to time might be able to stop the rapid growth of cancer (if it exists) and stop any malignant cells in their tracks. I mean, if that shouldn’t give you full reign of love squeezing on her chest I don’t know what will.

#2) Some Woman Can Orgasm From Breast Stimulation Alone

Nipplegasms all around! For some ladies just the right amount of boob action is enough to take them over the edge. It’s certainly not everyone, but 82% of women get more turned on when boob action is incorporated into foreplay than not, so the twins are worth paying attention to. Every girl is going to have a different taste in pressure preferences of course, but a good rule of thumb (for all over the body really) is to start off light and teasing and go from there.

#3) Your Boob Size Preference Might Be Linked To Your Paycheck

According to Psychology Today, men who are more comfortable with their financial status prefer smaller boobs on average, while men who are a little less socioeconomically stable prefer the big tatas. Remember gentlemen: boobs can’t fill up the void in your wallet.

#4) One Breast Is Usually Larger

For the majority of women one of their boobs is usually 1/5th of a cup larger, but that can vary dramatically. Even stranger, it’s more often?the left breast that is larger. Science isn’t sure exactly why, but it might have something to do with hormonal action in the womb when women’s bodies are developing. You can secretly play favorites with your girlfriend’s boobs but for the sake of your relationship try to give them equal attention.

#5) Your Hunger Levels Also Affect Your Boob Preferences

Just like big nursing babies, a British study found that the hungrier men are the more likely they are to prefer a big breasted woman. Satiated men are more likely to go a little smaller with their ideal cup size. I mean, it sort of makes sense.

#6) It’s Normal for Boobs to Hurt During Exercise

Boobs don’t exactly hold still, they actually make a figure eight move when women run and they can jolt around up to 8 inches! Before the invention of bras ancient Roman women used to bandage those suckers up to make fitness possible. Just know that while you’re slyly checking her out while she’s running on the treadmill she might be silently cursing those things slamming against her chest.

#7) Braless Might Be Better

A study done in France (of course) followed a group of women over 15 years to determine who was better off…the ones who wore bras or the ones who went without. It turned out that the women who went without the bras had perkier boobs at the end of the 15 years due to the production of muscle tissue than the women who wore bras.

Strangely those supportive?bra cups inhibited the natural boob strength and accelerated the rate of sagging. Of course not everyone can handle going braless (refer to pain mentioned above), but for the lighter chested it’s a pretty good defense to let things hang free.

#8) Staring at Boobs Might Be Good For Your Health

This one is still up for debate, but a German study suggests that staring at women’s breasts for 10 minutes a day is akin to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise for a dude, meaning lower heart rates and better blood pressure. But before you get too excited, people have called total bull on the case and say no study was actually ever done to prove this. You can kind of imagine that it’s true though, can’t you?


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