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5 Common Myths Associated With Napping

For some people, the idea of lying down for a quick nap during the day is unheard of. In fact, there seems to be a stigma attached to people who do like to grab forty winks in the afternoon. Here, we address five myths that are still associated with napping:

1. Napping Is For Lazy People

A short snooze is proven to help alertness, memory, creativity and even productivity. According to recent studies, having a nap lasting around 20-30 minutes every day is the perfect way to refresh the body.

2. I?ll Wake Up Feeling Worse If I Take A Nap

This really boils down to how long you decide to sleep for. Like we mentioned in the first myth, if you want to avoid sleep inertia try not nap any longer than half an hour. This will prevent you from going into a deep sleep which is a lot harder to wake up from.

3. You Should Definitely Not Nap At Work

Of course we?re not advising that you rock up to work in your pajamas and sleep all day, but some businesses are beginning to encourage their employees to grab a quick kip with special designated areas. If your place of work doesn’t have anywhere, try an empty conference room or in your car.

4. A Coffee Before A Nap Will Keep Me Up

Well, research has shown that there is such a thing as a caffeine nap. The way to do it is to have your cup of tea or coffee first, then nap straight after. The caffeine tends to kick into your system about 30 minutes after drinking it, so when you wake up, you?ll actually find yourself more refreshed than before.

5. I?ll Be More Productive Finishing This Task Rather Than Wasting Time Napping

Yes, you?ll be away from your desk for the 20 minutes or so when you?re sleeping, but you?ll more than make up for it when you return. A short recharge of the batteries will help you stay focused on the task and improve concentration levels.

So there you have it, five common myths that we’ve dispelled about napping. Why not try having one tomorrow afternoon and let us know how you get on!




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