3 Simple Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

Traditionally, the holiday season is supposed to be full of happiness and cheer. However, a lot of us can suffer from stress around this period, whether it?s being stuck in a crowded shopping mall or remembering lost loved ones. While there are no formal studies which have looked into ?holiday blues?, many scientists do recognize it as an actual condition.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can lift your spirits and embrace the holiday season, despite the other pressures you might be facing. Here, we list you our top three:

1. Avoid Creating the ?Perfect Christmas?

Many people try and visualize the ?ideal Christmas?, which is more often than not taken from childhood memories. Then, when they can?t recreate the image, they feel disenchanted with the holiday season. The key is to be honest to yourself as to what you can realistically achieve during this time. Avoid things such as cooking a seven-course meal for the entire family, accepting every party invitation and buying presents for distinct relatives. You need to stick to budget, pace yourself and get enough rest.

2. Stick to Some Sort of Routine

There?s no need to create unnecessary stress on yourself by sticking to your normal, rigid routine throughout the holiday celebrations. On the other hand, you don?t want to go too far the opposite way and completely mess up your lifestyle pattern. If you’ve had a heavy meal the night before, ease off the food the next day. Try and sleep in a bit longer than usual but not deep into the afternoon. Lastly, getting some sort of physical activity is a great mood booster.

3. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Strengthening relationships with people that you care about helps increase happiness and overall wellbeing. Don?t feel guilty if you can?t afford the best presents for your loved ones ? the chances are that they?ll enjoy spending time with you much more than an expensive gift. Why not plan some activities with the family such as movie marathons, a gift-wrapping party or baby-sit niece and nephews.




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