Rogue Rules: How To Secure An “Angel’s 3some”

Call me Nick Rogue. Consider me Your Personal Seduction Mentor.

I spent the better part of the late ?90s and early 2000s compiling a set of timeless rules that go largely ignored by the mainstream dating advice community and the underground community to boot. These rules are overlooked to the detriment of huge swaths of undersexed men.

No longer.

In this weekly column, I will be laying out my ?Rogue Rules? for you to read, ponder, and internalize to improve your sex life — to make of yourself a modern-day lothario the likes of which Casanova himself would be proud.

I encourage you to ask me your most challenging sex, dating, attraction, or seduction questions? no matter how silly they may seem. I?ll answer them in detail with my ?Rogue Rules? to guide you.

Here?s a brief sample for you to wet your beak (put this advice in play to get your dick wet as well)…

Rogue Rule #292: ?Express direct (sexual) interest first or her phone number will be completely worthless!?

Rogue Rule #136: ?If she let?s you knock on her backdoor, you?re welcome to enter.?

…And none can forget Rogue Rule #7: ?You ALWAYS get lucky!?

Indeed, I have a Rogue Rule for every conceivable scenario and I want pass this wisdom on to you..

Let?s dig into the first question from Robert H. of St. Paul, MN:

Robert asks:

?How do you find and seduce girls who are down for 3somes? I’m currently dating a pretty hot chick who is ALL FOR IT. Any suggestions on places to go and tactics to use??

I?m glad you?re already applying Rogue Rule #48: ?3somes are NEVER B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Friend? some rare exceptions apply)!? so we can start getting tactical!

You?re wanting the right thing (who doesn?t LOVE the ?angel?s 3some!??), Robert, but you?re asking the wrong question?

Instead, your question should be ?What is my role in making a 3some happen given that I already have one ?angel? primed and ready for action?? The answer to this question is what you need right now.

Rogue Rule #503: ?When it comes to 3somes: If she?s already pouting for it, she should be scouting for it.?

Your duty is to empower your 1st angel with responsibility and choice in recruiting a 2nd that meets HER selection criteria. Your 1st Angel must select and then escalate on a 2nd that she finds attractive. This can take place in whatever bar or club you please, but the 1st Angel must be moved to take definite action.

Depending on your relationship with your 1st Angel, you can just tell her what to do! e.g. ?Find a girl you like and flirt with her,? though she made need further instruction than that…

(This has the added benefit of taking some of the pressure off of you; you?ll hardly receive blame should your 3some venture fail; after all, she selected the 2nd Angel).

When the 2nd angel is revved up and excited about your 1st Angel?s advances, only then should your 1st Angel direct some of that physical attention and excitement to you.

Rogue Rule #14: ?She comes first!?

Take things slowly on your part — their enjoyment is more important than your own at all times. The moment you try to make a 3some ?all about you,? the dynamic will quickly whither and fizzle and you?ll be exiled to the corner for an exciting one-man orgy… 🙁

Make it about them, however, and you?ll be on Cloud 9 with two beautiful angels hovering over your head (read: your spank bank), with memories you?ll treasure for years to come.

So congratulations, you got yourself your 3some and your girl did all the work for you. Easy peasy!

Keep your questions coming…See you next week here for ?Rogue Rules: Tapping Tail on Tinder.?

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

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