10 Daily Exercises to Combat Back Pain

When we sit for the majority of the day, our back is the one that suffers most. We wake up fresh and feeling good in the morning, only to end up perched on a seat for hours, slouched over and putting a whole lot of weight on our spines. Or maybe you don’t, maybe you have a active lifestyle, but whether you do or you don’t, back pain is something that can strike us down at any moment.

One wrong turn, a twist, bad posture when you pick up that box, and crippled we become. Fortunately there are exercises we can perform specifically for back pain. You don’t need to cancel the day, you don’t need to lie down for 5 hours and have your significant other cater to your every need. You can start by performing one of these 10 quick exercises for back pain, nicely put together for us by Breaking Muscle’s Meghan Rovig:

The discs that make up our spine are super-hydrated and fat when we wake in the morning. Sounds good, right?

But as we sit through the day, our hip flexors tighten, our glutes quit working, and our discs lose fluid. In this position, we don?t engage our transverse abdominis, so our lumbar spine has little muscular support. Needless to say, if we go all day in this scenario, our lumbar spine has a bad time.

In the upcoming exercises, there are specific prescriptions for each movement based on what we now know about muscle physiology, disc and lumbar spine health, and research.

Read the rest of the article for all the specific exercises, including a great and informative description the way our muscles and tendons work.

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