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Why Working Out Is Good For Your Game

I am by no means a ?lift bro?.

I don?t have abs, I don?t know how much I can bench, none of my tattoos are tribal or in gothic font.

But I do go to the gym a few times a week and work up a bit of a sweat.

Yes, regular exercise will help you live longer and healthier, but it?ll also help your game, so you?ll live happier too.

And it won’t?just help by enhancing?your?physical appearance. Yes, women find guys in good shape sexy, just as men find women in good shape sexy. But in the case of both genders, the media tends to hyper-exaggerate just how in shape you need to be.

You don’t need to be a body builder, but being in good, healthy shape, never hurt anyone’s game.

There are, however, two really important reasons, other than being in shape, why going to the gym will?help your game hugely;



By far, the most important part of game, is confidence. If you?re not confident, every other tip, trick and tenant you learn is useless.

Trying to have game without confidence is like buying performance parts for a car you don?t own.

I get asked all the time about ‘how to be confident’, and most of the advice I give is to show it through outward actions, and to take some time to get your head right. However?regular exercise will actually make you chemically confident.

So right off the bat, working out gives you a sense of accomplishment. There?s nothing super scientific about that, but it stands to reason that if you set out to do something, and you do, you?ll hold your head a little higher.

But exercise also releases endorphins, which are essentially, the happy chemical. Working out makes you feel good and if you sincerely feel good, your success with women will naturally increase.

There?s a natural magnetism that goes along with being happy, positive and fun. In addition to endorphins, your body is burning off a lot of stress and anxiety that its built up, which can cause a negative attitude and shitty game.

Working out gives you a sense of control. And if feeling in control isn?t feeling confident, I don?t know what is.


Sexual endurance.

Let?s get down to brass tax. If you want to be truly successful with women, you?ve got to be good in bed.

Remember that car we talked about earlier? Well, sexual performance is the engine.

Working out increases your cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and general blood flow.

So just on a pure physical level, you?re able to have sex longer, faster, harder and more frequently.

The confidence thing also comes into play here, because so much of sex is ?feeling sexy?, and while exercise will improve your self image, it?ll encourage you on a psychological?level to improve your performance.

Then the chemicals come back into play.

In addition to endorphins, exercise also creates greater levels of adrenaline and testosterone. Which is sort of like a chemical recipe for a sex drive on fire.

If we?re still using the car metaphor, it?s nitrous oxide.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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