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How To Get The Girl You Want

I might be giving away the farm here.

But what follows, is a list consisting of both mindsets and techniques, that will flip a switch to getting more, hotter girls.


1. Forget about “leagues”.

The biggest thing stopping you from getting any girl is YOU.

You have stop putting yourself in your own head and thinking automatically that some girl is way out of your league and that you?re not attractive enough for her.

So much about being attractive is a mindset; an attitude, a vibe, a confidence. The second you start ranking yourself, you?re predetermining your defeat.

You?ll make excuses to not go up and talk to a girl, to not escalate, to write off girls the moment they don?t get back to you or why you shouldn?t try to keep her around.

No guy who scores hot girls, truly and actively believes that they?re out of his league, and at the very least he does not ever show that he feels that way.

Stop comparing yourself to those guys too. Anything that puts the idea in your head that you?re not on the highest level, you can do without.


2. Start giving out your number.

When you ask a girl for her number, there?s this real shift in the power dynamic of the interaction.

A lot of the time, you can come off as a desperate high-schooler when you ask.

Sure, if you?ve built up enough sexual tension and rapport, asking for a number is fine.

But giving out your number completely flips the script, and can even produce results from a so-so interaction with a girl.

It says to the girl, ?I?d like you to call me, but if you don?t, whatever.?

You can read more on this technique here.

Essentially, you?re telling her that you?re interested and you think she?s attractive?(the importance of this to follow) while simultaneously eliminating any neediness and turning yourself into the decider.


3. Turn yourself into the decider.

Again, this a purely attitude-based thing.

But your attitude will dictate your actions, the way that you?re perceived and how girls respond to you in turn.

Stop looking at talking to girls as ?hitting on them?. Instead, start looking at it like a flirtatious interview.

You want to be having fun and to be?flirty, but ultimately you?re the one testing these girls. You?re challenging them to make you laugh and to turn you on.

Now this doesn?t mean being a jackass and thinking that you?re better than anyone. But it is about being picky.

Keep high standards. Only go after the girls that you?re really, sincerely attracted to. Don?t settle.

Stop going into situations thinking, ?I hope some girl will go home with me.? And start thinking, ?I wonder if I want to take any of these girls home??


4. Have great white shark confidence.

A while back, I wrote an article about my buddy, Koogler, and his unshakable, great white shark-like confidence.

Koogler, is a short, funny, Jewish guy from Alberta, Canada, who has never even heard of ?game?, but pulls girls left and right.

I go into a lot more detail about Koogler and how his indomitable?confidence gets him more girls than anybody I?ve ever met (including pro athletes and musicians) here.

But the most important thing to know about Koogler is that he has absolutely no fear about approaching and shamelessly flirting with girls, and it?s the key to his success.

***An update on Koogler; we?re currently writing a comedy show together, and just starting rehearsals. It wasn?t five minutes after our first table read that Koogler already had a?hot female actor?s phone number. His line??

?You?re too hot. It?s distracting, I don?t know if we?ll be able to work together.?


5. Establish attraction.

So, I don?t just write for TSB by accident.

A few years ago, after getting dumped out of a serious relationship, I started reading up on a lot of the stuff Bobby and Rob had written, and got hooked on the site.

Since then, I?ve put just about all of their advice to the test, and being a writer, have of course come up with my own revelations, observations, rules, techniques and advice which I feel the compulsive need to share with guys who might be feeling the same way I did 4 years ago.

The thing I always fall back on, the thing I tell guys to do the most, is the thing I read on TSB that was immediately the largest paradigm shift in getting more, hotter girls- and that’s establishing attraction.

Letting girls know that you?re interested in them, that you find them sexually attractive, in a fun, flirty way will change your fucking life.

?So when do you want to get married? Does Tuesday work??

?You keep pushing your glasses up, it?s this whole sexy librarian thing you do.?

?Okay, the high heels are working. I?m officially seduced.?

Are just a few I?ve used to success, but come up with your own and adapt them to your situation.

Joking about being married or dating is gold. But compliment shamelessly. And for god sakes, let her know that she?s a turn on. Let her know that you have sexual chemistry.

I?m not a big believer in techniques or plays, but this is one that just works.


?Nuff said.


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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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