Signs she wants you to approach her

Knowing When She Wants You To Make A Move

Cold approaching women in public rarely works out well. With the amount of overly persistent or downright creepy men that try to talk to women on a daily basis, women do not look forward to yet another man sitting too close on the bus or commenting on her shopping basket.

Despite this, there are going to be some occasions when she notices you, thinks you?re attractive, and wants to talk to you but is too shy. She will then attempt to get your attention so that you initiate a conversation. Would it be easier if she approached you, rather than trying to give you signs? Of course. However, you need to play the game to have a shot at winning.

The best way is to start by recognizing the signs a woman is interested in talking to you.

She keeps looking at you

The strongest sign that she wants you to approach her is continually looking at you. This is especially true if she is trying to make eye contact with you. Do not despair if she breaks eye contact often- this is because she is conscious of being too obvious.

Granted, there are other reasons why she is looking at you. You are capturing her interest, but it could be for all the wrong reasons. Doing something embarrassing or out-of-the-ordinary may be the reason behind her glances. Provided that you are not acting in a socially unacceptable manner, assume that she is looking at you because she wants you to talk to her, not because she thinks you are weird.

Subtle attention seeking

If a woman is reading a book or listening to music in public, this is a sign she does not want to be bothered. Now that she has seen you, however, she has had a slight change of plans. If she is obviously angling her iPod towards you with the screen on, or holding up her book so you can see the title, it is a bid for your attention. You can tell it is directed at you if she also keeps glancing at you to see if you are looking. She is giving you something to talk to her about. Take the hint, and comment that her book looks interesting.

Genuine smile

A big, genuine smile is a sure sign that she is interested. To be clear, if she gives you a tight-lipped smile, it is a sign she wants nothing to do with you. You need to look for the genuine grin. She will smile with her eyes as well as with her mouth, and will show some tooth. That flash of white is your cue to introduce yourself.

She seems to be near you

She has no reason to be next to you, and yet there she is. A typical example is if you are waiting for a train, and she is standing next to you despite there being a vacant seat nearby. At a party, you might find that she keeps turning up wherever you happen to be. She will not want to come across as obviously following you, but she is trying to give you opportunities to talk to her.

Look for signals in combination. Even one especially strong indicator she wants you to approach is enough, but when she is giving several signs at once, it could not be more obvious that she wants to talk to you.

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