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Why You Should Approach Intimidating Women

Approaching girls to flirt can be an anxiety-inducing experience in any case.

There?s a real pressure to it- a performance anxiety if you will. Often, your brain can go into a primitive ?fight or flight? response, and totally stress you out.

As a result, you may find yourself not approaching really ?intimidating? women.

Maybe you think she?s too attractive for you, or even just too cool or too high on the social status ladder.

Whatever the case, there are a few good reasons why you should get over your anxiety and go talk to that intimidating girl.


1. ?You?re intimidating? is actually a really great opener.

This seems totally counter-intuitive, I know.

You might argue that by admitting that a woman is intimidating to you, right to her face, that she?d instantly dismiss you. But it?s just never the case.

The truth about openers, and humor, and being interesting, is that it all?comes from a place of honesty.

Especially if you say it in a fun, flirty tone.

There?s something about telling a girl that she?s intimidating that intrigues her, she wants to know why.

To her, it also says a lot about you that you would approach her, even though she?s intimidating. Clearly, only a confident guy would approach a girl he actively finds intimidating.

The opener is so affective, and creates so much curiosity, I remember I once stopped a girl in her tracks with it.

I?m a pretty tall guy (about 6?3? or so) and one night at a bar, I crossed paths with this girl who was just a hair taller than me whilst wearing these black high heels.

?Okay, that?s intimidating.?

I chuckled. She stopped, turned around and with a laugh asked, ?what is??

The interaction ended with some jokes about how our children would be super-human athletes and a number exchange.


2. You?re going after what you really want.

Living your life through fear generally means living your life not getting what you really want.

Part of the reason you find girls intimidating is that you?re really attracted to them; the other part is that you think that you?re not good enough for them.

By deciding for yourself that those are the kind of women you want to be with, and nobody else quite does it for you, you?re actually saying that you are good enough for them.

You become the decider, where you?ve set a list of attributes that are important to you- and everyone generally wants to meet high standards.

At the very least, high standards attract high standards.

If you?re the kind of guy who will just go home with any girl, and who never goes after the girl he really wants, it doesn?t attract confident women.


3. Intimidating women are usually the really confident ones.

Confidence is sexy- but it?s also the stuff good relationships are made out of.

Neither men nor women really want to be with somebody who doesn?t have confidence, at least, not for long.

So while confidence is physically attractive (how you carrying yourself, how act you in social situations) and sexually attractive (how you perform in the bedroom), it?s also easy to be with, easy to get along with, easy live with.

Confident, secure women are the ones you want to have a relationship with. They?re the ones who aren?t constantly worried that you?ll cheat on them, that need to keep tabs on you during the day, require constant praise and attention and so on.

These are the women with their own lives, their own goals, their own passions and drives.

Make no mistake, it?s what they’re?seeking in men as well, but I can?t emphasize how important it is as the foundation to a solid relationship.

You build on rock, not sand.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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