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Texts that every woman hates

Her face when she sees that you have texted asking “what’s up?”

The Text Messages That Kill Your Chances With Women

Your text game is important. You could be charming in real life, but one ?send me a pic? text can turn you into a creep in an instant. The key is to be willing to put in an effort when texting. Avoid these lazy and boring texts that no woman wants to receive.

The booty call

No woman wants to be the one you text after midnight, asking if she is awake. Don?t think that asking what she is up to at four in the morning is any more polite, either. Of course she is not going to be up to anything at the crack of dawn. It is obvious that you want a booty call. Do not be surprised if she never responds to your texts again.

Sending a follow-up text the morning explaining that you were so drunk that you did not know any better, will only make the situation worse. If you are in damage control, it is best to send an apology for being rude, without making an excuse for why you sent that text. This will only be received well if she really likes you.

The ?sup??

The golden rule of texting is to make your texts interesting. Give her something worth replying to. A lazy ?sup?? text is not going to lead to an exciting conversation. A ?hey? is even worse. Put in the effort to craft a personalised and attention-grabbing text. Read some texting guides and you?ll soon be an expert in tapping out the perfect text.

The request for nudes

She will send you a naked picture if she wants to. Prompting her to do so will make you come across as pushy. It is understandable that you want to increase the intimacy of your interactions, but instead of asking her to send you a snap, it is far more creative to write a text that will get her hot and bothered.

The ?why are you ignoring me??

Here?s a tip. She did not reply to your text because it was tacky and she did not want to dignify it with a response. If it wasn?t tacky, then she did not reply because it was a boring text and she forgot. Sending her a follow-up text asking why she did not text back is likely to elicit a response from her, but it will not be in your favour. She will see you as clingy and desperate. Give her at least a day or two to respond. In this time you could read about improving your text game. At that point, if you feel that you really must send her a text, make it completely separate message that does not reference the first one.

The sad, bored man

Recall that you were meant to make your texts interesting. One way to make yourself seem like a truly dull person is to say that you are ?bored?. It is not flattering that you seem to be only texting her when you have nothing better to do. It does not make you look like the fun, well-rounded person you want to be. The ?I?m bored? text is often followed up by another terrible text, asking her to come over or to send nudes. You may well be bored, but telling her this in text form will stop her from thinking you are an intriguing person.

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