Why She Left You


Rejection can absolutely shake someone to their core.

Often, when we feel rejection, it triggers a very primal reflex in our brain, sending us into panic mode.

You don?t really know why things don?t feel right, you just know that they definitely feel wrong. Something is wrong and you feel like you have to fix it right now because the world is going to implode if you don?t.

But the truth is that you can?t fix anything if you don?t understand why it?s broken. If you don?t learn from your past you?re doomed to repeat it over and over again, whether that?s with the same girl or with future ones.

So before you do anything, you need to understand and accept why she left you.

And the?primary reason for this is fairly?simple.

You stopped being the guy who she fell for.

One of the things you might have asked yourself in the heat of frustration is, ?how could somebody who once seemed SO ATTRACTED TO ME suddenly loose interest??

The brutal truth is because you stopped being that guy that she was so attracted to you. When she left, she didn?t see you the same way as when you first started dating.

Maybe she saw you as too boring, too unambitious, too whiny or too needy. But either way, she stopped seeing you as a positive in her life and started seeing you as a negative.

While a relationship is certainly a two way street, and often times negativity can feed off of itself in something of a vicious cycle, you have to own up to your side of things and accept that the reason she left was your fault.

Maybe you let yourself go physically, or you stopped putting as much effort into sex. Maybe you pestered her all the time and became terminally uninteresting in both texts and on your dates. You stopped feeling the need to make yourself look attractive for her or putting a lot of effort into trying to?seduce her.

In short, you got complacent and maybe even a little lazy.

So what?s the remedy?

Take at least 30 days to reinvent yourself. Become the guy you once were, except better.

Get back in the gym, buy some new clothes and start chasing your dreams like you never chased your dreams before.

Kick. Ass. And do it for you and only you. Only then will you be ready to either move on, or perhaps give things another shot with the original girl.

This is absolutely critical if you want future success with any girl. You?re just not currently in the right head space to get her back or get a new girl.

You need to hit the reset button, find your confidence, find your inner security, find your passion and ambition again.

You can get there. Somebody once saw something in you so amazing, so unbelievably attractive,?that?you became the absolute center of their attention. You?re still that guy, you’re ?just buried under a mountain of complacency.

The responsibility is on you to be that great guy again, physically and mentally.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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