3 Strange Oral Sex Positions ( Visual Guide)

Best Ways to Eat P*SSY

Let?s talk about eating pussy?

It might seem like a pretty ?BASIC? sex act?

But, while I was on set last week, I realized something about men and oral sex that I hadn?t thought about before?

See, that particular day, I had to film FIVE separate scenes?

?.with a different guy GOING DOWN on me in each one.

Well, during the final scene, I was laying there with my legs up?

?while my very handsome costar did his best to lick my pussy to orgasm.

But even though his mouth felt SO good? I found myself thinking about this girl I used to date, named Heidi, INSTEAD of him!

That was when it HIT me?

The biggest mistake most men?even professional male porn stars?make during oral sex has nothing to do with HOW they use their tongue?

?It?s that they don?t experiment with enough different pussy-eating POSITIONS!!

Now, bisexual girls are super experienced in this department?And Heidi was a total pro;)

She always kept oral sex fresh and exciting by going down on me at different angles?

So I picked up a TON of great tricks from her!

And of course I?m about to tell you?and SHOW you?exactly what those tricks are, so YOU can try them on your girl!

But first, I want to make sure you know why eating pussy is so IMPORTANT.

For one, performing oral is just as enjoyable for YOU as it is for HER?.

There?s nothing quite like caressing a nice pink clit with your tongue?

…and TASTING her arousal as she gets wetter and WETTER in your mouth.

So if you?re not licking her slit during sex?you?re missing out BIG TIME!

Also, all girls will agree: Oral sex is one of the BEST ways to CUM?

So if a man doesn?t go south?and do a really good job while he?s down there?we?re just not gonna be into him. It?s that simple.

Now, you probably know all that?

But even if you LOVE eating pussy?

…what you probably DON?T know is that there are lots of ways to go about it.

You see, even the hottest tongue techniques can get pretty STALE if you?re always licking her pussy from the same ANGLE?

Like I said?I even see this mistake made by my adult film co-stars?

Nearly every time it?s time for a guy to give me oral on camera (or in real life)?here?s how he wants to do it:

And it honestly didn?t hit me until EACH of five guys I worked with last week ate me out in the EXACT same way?

?that this is practically EVERY guy?s go-to oral sex position!

Now, there?s nothing wrong with this classic approach?but it can get BORING?

Which is why I want to teach you THREE oral sex positions that made Heidi such a ROCKSTAR when it came to pleasing my pussy?

Don?t worry?you don?t have to be a girl to make these naughty angles work for you and the lucky lady you’re with;)


FIRST?make sure she’s wearing a TIGHT pair of jeans (this is important).

Then throw her down on the bed and slide her jeans and panties NO LOWER than mid-thigh?

This ensures her legs will be pressed firmly together the entire time.

Start by very lightly moving the tip of your tongue up and down her slit?.like you?re teasing her;)

Then gradually allow your tongue to go in deeper (while still moving up and down).

When you?re ready, pull her outer lips UP slightly?without PARTING them?to expose more of her clit?

…and tend to it with your tongue and fingers as you normally would (side to side, up and down, circular motions, etc).

Next, glide your tongue all the way towards her hole?the challenge is to get it in there even with her legs tightly shut?

IF you manage to get it in?thrust it in and out, like you would your middle finger.

Lastly, return your tongue to her clit and stick a few digits in her hole to push up on her G-spot…

These are all your typical oral sex techniques?but if you perform them WITHOUT parting her legs, the unexpected approach will make her cum like CRAZY!


Have your girl stand fully upright, with her UPPER back against a sturdy wall (leaving a bit of room between the wall and her ass)…and her legs shoulder width apart.

Next, take off her panties and drop to your knees, so that you?re face-level with her rose garden (or perch on a low stool, if you have joint problems)

?And go at it!

Your mouth should focus on her clit?this position is great for passionately SUCKING on it?

?.while your fingers pleasure her hole?

The BEST thing about this position is you can reach around with your free hand to squeeze and stroke her ass?

…and maybe even let a finger or two slip in through the ?BACK DOOR? as you pleasure her slit!!!


Bend her over so her ass is sticking way up in the air, while her upper body is laying flat?and get behind her.

What makes the Face Jam so special is that, unlike other oral sex positions, it forces you use your TONGUE on (and INSIDE) her hole?

?And your FINGERS on her clit and upper pussy!

Rub her clit in circles, diddle it up and down, and gently pinch it between your fingers?

Just remember to change the SPEED and PRESSURE with which you do so every couple of minutes.

At the same time, you should be using your entire mouth on the HOLE directly in front of you?

Trust me?a nice wet tongue-f*cking is something women fantasize about ALL the time!

And if you?re feeling adventurous (and she?s okay with it), this position is perfect for guys that like a side order of ass while munching some box;))

I have a few other oral sex positions to show you?but I?ll save those for another day?

FIRST, I?d love to get your feedback on these moves…

I mean?if you were trying to get ME off, these positions would definitely get the job done.

Especially if you licked me in ALL THREE positions in one sex-session!

So…NOW I?m dying to know if they make other women scream with pleasure as well!

I?m positive that they will?but I guess I?m just trying to get you to send me some sexy testimonials=)

OH! And if YOU have a HOT oral sex position that always works for you?

Or one that you think might even work BETTER than the ones I just showed you?

?.PLEASE tell me!

I may be a ?sex expert? but I?m always learning amazing new techniques from my fans?

So whatever you got, I want to know about it?

Sharing is caring;)


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