5 Shameless Compliments To Spark A Connection


Sincere compliments seem to have a bad reputation.

I?ve heard them branded before as ?good guy game?, a territory that not a lot of guys are willing to wade into, because it seems to be the direct antithesis to the golden persona of the hard-to-get ?bad boy?.

But they?re not directly at odds. In fact shameless compliments are a great way to not only break rapport and establish attraction, but often they can be used to create a greater sense of investment on a girl?s part.

Compliments showcase attraction, but they also showcase interest. Compliments help to build the story, and thus, the sexual tension.?

But best of all, they legitimize your reasons for talking to a girl. No longer are you just some creepy guy trying to ?pick up chicks.?

Shameless compliments say, ?I?m confident and I?m sincerely attracted you.?

99% of guys will never give a genuine compliment. So immediately, it?s something that sets you apart from the heard.

Most girls? radar for insincere guys is razor sharp. Girls can smell bullshit on you like bad cologne. They know when they?re being put on and they know when you?re just trying to impress them by being too cool for school.

So keep in mind that your compliments have to be genuine. You have to mean what you say. You have to be genuinely interested. (And if you?re not, why are you talking to said girl in the first place?) and paying attention. Catalogue why you?re attracted to this girl.

To get you started, here are five shameless, but truthful, compliments.

1. “Do you know why you?re so interesting?”

This is the reason that you?re talking to this girl, and it can?t just be based on physical appearance. This is something that creates a direct connection, because you?re seeing something that she feels not everyone can see. Immediately, you?re different from everybody else in the room in her eyes.

2. “Do you know why you?re so intimidating?”

If you?re a confident, secure man, there?s nothing wrong with empowering women, especially if she knows that you?re talking to her even though she?s intimidating. It shows that you?re not scared, and that you?re confident enough to approach her.

Don?t miss the opportunity to sexualize the conversation here though. Whatever it is about her that?s intimidating (a look, a style, a facial expression, an attitude), follow it up with, ?it?s actually pretty sexy.?

3. “Owe! That?s impressive.”

This is usually a follow up for when she tells you a fact about herself or maybe a wild story. The ?owe? sexualizes the compliment. You can follow this one up with, ?you?re a total badass. That?s amazing?

4. ?”I?m so glad you?re not ______. “

People-watching is total flirting material. Feel free to sight a pet peeve when properly queued, and then connect over your mutual disdain for said irritation. If you hit a snag and she actually is, or does, whatever the thing is that you don?t like, be playful about it. Follow up with something like, ?oh great, now we have to cancel the wedding.?

5. “Is it difficult being that attractive?”

This is an awesome compliment that gets her laughing. It says it all. That you?re fun, that you find her attractive, that you?re not scared to talk to her. Keep her laughing with ?I feel like I would be worried that people would treat me differently? and so on.



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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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