7 Foods To Avoid Like The Plague

Life can be so mean sometimes. Why is it that the best tasting foods out there are usually the worst in terms of fat and calories? Whilst indulging in fast food every now and then isn?t a cause for concern, too much of it can make you look and feel awful. This inevitably leads to weight gain and a host of other health problems. Here, we pick out seven foods you must avoid at all costs:

1. Frosting

It might look great layered on top of a cake or smothered on a cookie, but it?s extremely bad for your health. Frosting is one of a few foods that contain trans fats, which wreck havoc with your waistline.

Trans fats raises cholesterol and causes inflammation, potentially leading to heart disease or diabetes. In addition, its high sugar levels contributes to poor skin.

2. Added Sugar And High Fructose Corn Syrup

Were you really surprised to see sugar on this list? Didn?t think so. In the last few decades, studies have proven that sugar contains empty calories and provides zero essential nutrients. New research also suggests that it can make you fat because of the calories in fructose do not fill you up and make you satiated.

Just to compile the misery, sugar is downright addictive and?can be very difficult to resist when cravings kick in.

3. Seed And Vegetable Oils

Sometimes portrayed as health foods, it?s actually extremely unnatural for the human body as they contain a high level of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. While we do need both for optimal body function, too much can lead to inflammation and other health issues.

Instead, increase your intake of Omega-3 from fatty fish and cod liver oil.

4. Artifical Sweeteners

Yeah that?s right ? even ingredients that are calorie free can still harm you. Consumption of artificial sweeteners shows a direct link to various diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

If you need to use a sweetener for something, go for Stevia, as artificial sweeteners have not been proven to be safe and are potentially harmful.

5. Highly Processed Foods

Another fairly obvious one on the list, highly processed foods are low in nutrients, high in unhealthy ingredients and packed with artificial chemicals. If the ingredients label contains more than five or something that you don?t understand, the chances are it?s bad for you.

A simple rule to remember: if it looks like it was made in a factory, don?t eat it!

6. Anything Labelled ?Low Fat? Or ?Diet?

Unfortunately, the marketers at junk food companies get away with this misleading branding on a regular basis. Even products aimed towards children are listed as ?diet?, ?whole grain? or ?low fat? when they?re actually high in processed garbage. Be smart and read the labels before you buy.

7. Bacon

Whilst it?s a brilliant hangover cure and is great in a sandwich, remains an unhealthy habit. Certain only contains 45 calories a strip, but its high fat and preservative sodium nitrate content is a cause for concern.

Vegetables or nuts are much better options for a crunch and won?t create such problems for your heart and digestive system.





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