3 Of Her Erogenous Zones You’re Ignoring


Sex is the biggest deal.

It doesn?t matter if you spend three hours a day at the gym, make a million dollars a year or could flirt your way to the White House.

If you can?t give a girl an orgasm, she?ll eventually (sooner rather than later) become unsatisfied with you.

Sex is really the thing that keeps a relationship together, that keeps a girl wanting to be with you. And if you can make her cum and make her cum well, you will?most likely stand head and shoulders above every other guy she?s ever been interested in.

To accomplish this goal of sufficient sexual prowess, you need to start to focus on things that you might be over-looking.

Sure, you probably still remember all the basics from middle school, but there is a world of techniques that you, and more so your girlfriend, are missing out on.

1. Her neck.

Ask any woman, they love having their necks kissed. You can, and frankly, should be addressing her neck at any point while making out, during foreplay and sex.

The reason being that a neck is full of blood vessels, so all the senses surrounding it are heightened.

You don?t have to stay in the same spot. Trying moving around from just above her shoulder, to right under her jawline and behind her ear.

Actually, even her ear itself. Ears are a super sensitive part of her body. Don?t under estimate the combination of whispering dirty talk, with a light ear bite.

It?s simple, it?s easy and she?ll love you for it.


2. Her breasts.

Look dude, nobody is accusing you of not liking boobs enough.

But, time and time again, women will lament their breasts only being a ?speed bump? during sex.

You know the routine. You go from making out, to making out with her with breasts, to oral, to sex. Breasts, never to be addressed gain.

Major fail.

It?s a scientific fact that when during sex, if?woman?s breasts are caressed, a feel-good chemical in her brain called ?oxytocin? is released.

So yeah, science says that the more breast play you put in, the easier it is for her to achieve orgasm.

Nipples are of course the gateway here, as they’re the most sensitive part of the breast. But as nipple sensitivity varies from woman to woman, it?s best go in gentle and only ramp things up upon request.


3. Her mind.

It sounds like we?re about to enter The Martix here, but I promise it?s not that complicated.

You know how you as a dude can pretty much have sex whenever, wherever and for whatever reason? Not true of women.

Women love and crave the build up of sex, the tension and suspension of when they?ll get it.

Anticipation is the thing that drives women crazy. And if you don?t believe that, ask a woman who?s read 50 Shades of Grey why it turns her on so much.

So take things slow but steady, plant the idea of sex before you have it. Build the anticipation. Text her suggestive things throughout the day, use subtle touching while you?re out.

And don?t ever race to the finish while you?re actually doing the deed. Slow and steady wins the race.

Put the focus on her sexually, make her orgasm your goal and you?ll be sexier to her than any guy ever was.



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