3 Misconceptions About Masculinity


Masculinity is attractive to women.

It?s why beards, the dad-bod and style choices from the 1950s and 1960s are making a comeback, and why?women can?t get enough.

Just as you are often attracted to features a woman has that make her uniquely a woman, so to are women so often attracted to things that make you uniquely a man.

However, masculinity can sometimes be hard to define in a post-feminist society.

We want to see women as our equals and rightfully so, but at same time we want to be the masculine men that they deserve and crave.

How then do we define masculinity in this new age, and what are some of the misconceptions about what masculinity is?


FALSE: Feminism is your enemy.

TRUE: You?re your own enemy.

There are some men who feel that their masculinity and identity as a man are under attack by feminists.

But the truth is if your ego is so fragile that the idea of a powerful woman frightens you and shakes your confidence, you?re not exactly masculine to begin with.

Masculinity doesn?t mean feeling the need to put people beneath you. What it does mean is feeling confident and sure of yourself enough to never feel threatened.

Besides, the fact that feminist-bashing being extremely unattractive to women (for obvious reasons), insecure men in general are an absolute attraction killer for women, if?you can feel threatened so easily, it?s a sign of a deep insecurity and a gross turn off to women.

No matter what, you have to be okay with you. You need to know your value and be proud of it.


FALSE: You need to be flashy.

TRUE: You can keep it simple.

The idea of ?peacocking? really has been taken too far.

The truth is looking overly flamboyant and flashy, and coming on way too strong is a turn off for most women.

Feeling the need to brag or show-off is also a sign of insecurity. And women don?t see you as a peacock as much as an annoying hummingbird. Like a bad salesmen who won?t leave?them alone because he so desperately needs to make sale.

Have you ever noticed how women seem more attracted to you when you?re not trying at all?

If you dress and groom in a simple way (and of course appropriately for the particularly situation) it again assumes confidence. As a bonus, you also don’t look like an idiot.

Remember, men have style. Boys have ?swag?. And no confident woman wants a ?boy?.


FALSE: You can?t empower women.

TRUE: You can and you totally should.

Again, masculinity isn?t about putting others down, becoming jealous or feeling the need to compete.

Feeling needy, desperate, jealous and insecure about a woman?s personal life is not only incredibly unattractive, it?s often a relationship killer.

It?s only a matter of time before a woman leaves a guy who is not secure enough to encourage her, because he starts to feel like baggage.

You shouldn?t revolve your entire life around a woman, and in fact you really should have your own goals, ambition and passions. They?re an incredibly important part of your life, because not only do they make you more attractive to women, they make you happier as a person.

But that being said, women love a man who encourages them to have fun with their friends (without you around), chase their own dreams and of course, open up sexually.

Yeah, I got your attention with that last one, didn?t I?

Part of empowering women is not making them feel like sluts, and in fact encouraging them to?engage?in their hidden sexual desires.

Women think about and want sex even more than you do. Don?t believe me? Go to a movie theatre where 50 Shades of Grey and Magic Mike give the Marvel movies a run for their money.

The problem is women don?t act on these desires as much because they?re afraid of being shamed. Society has told them that sexual empowerment for women is wrong. You need to support and foster the opposite idea.

So if you?ve ever been guilty of ?slut shaming? you need to never do it again. It?s turning you into a beta male and a bad person, and preventing you from having amazing sex.

You?ll be a social crusader doing the right thing, and getting the best, hottest, wildest sex of your life.


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