Easy ways to get her number

Tricks For The Guy Who Does Not Know How to Ask for a Girl?s Phone Number

Asking for a girl?s number strikes fear into the heart of even the boldest man. These easy strategies to get her number are less nerve-wracking and more fun, as they turn the process of getting her number into part of flirting.

Take a picture of her

This works best in a party, bar or club setting. Insist on taking some photos together. This should be done in a fun, flirty way; she needs to be having a good time to be in the mood for pictures. Then, have a quick look at one of the pictures. Depending on how hard you are flirting, you may want to tell her that she looks amazing in the picture, that it?s a keeper, and so on. Tell her that you want to send it to her, and attach the photo as a picture message. Hand her your phone to fill in her number. You now have her number without having to ask in a formal way. Of course, you have to be bold and use that number. Sending her a quick text the next day is the way to go.

Leave mid-conversation

Engage her in a conversation which she finds intensely interesting, and to which you both have plenty of insights to contribute. Mid-way through this crucial conversation, you realise it is time to go. During the day, you can say you have an appointment or a meeting to go to; at night, you have to meet up with a friend at a different venue. Tell her you have enjoyed the conversation, and would love to continue it when she?s free. At this point, she should give you her number or ask for yours. If she indicates interest but does not volunteer her number, such as by telling you to hit her up on Facebook, you may have to resort to directly asking for her number.

Do a trick

Invent a trick that involves getting her number. For example, tell her you?re going to do some numerology on her. Ask for pieces of information in a convoluted way: her last four digits of her phone number, her month of birth, her street number, her area code, her favorite number, and so on. Write them all down. Make up some predictions based on these (?your favorite number is 13, that shows you always go against the grain?, and so on). Piece together the phone number, and if you are feeling cocky, you could say ?I predict a handsome man will call you tomorrow?.

A less complicated, and more obvious, trick is to tell her that you want to show her a cool secret function on her phone. Once you convince her to hand over the phone, simply dial your own number.

Of course, she will know that your trick is a shameless ploy to get her number, but making it a fun and flirty experience rather than an awkward moment means she is more likely to give you her number than if you outright asked.

If you don’t get her number, don’t fret. Here are a few tips on how to pursue her:?https://www.tsbmag.com/2015/02/19/what-to-do-when-you-didnt-get-her-number/


Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

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