How to start your date

Start your date with the physical contact of a hug.

What You Need to Do in the First Few Minutes

The first few minutes set the tone of your date. It is hard to recover from an awkward start; making a good impression will make the rest of your date easier. She will also remember the first few minutes much more vividly than the rest of your date.

Be well presented

Allow yourself plenty of time to get there, so you are not flustered and sweaty. Just before you arrive, take a few minutes to get your self-presentation sorted. Pop a mint and make sure your outfit is tucked in and neat. If you are feeling nervous, take a few minutes to calm down so you can walk in feeling, and therefore looking, confident.

Don?t text too much when you arrive

You got to the meeting spot before she did, and now you are just waiting awkwardly. The worst thing you can do is send her a series of texts chronicling your adventures while waiting. Text her no more than once to tell her you are there. Then, simply wait until she arrives, even if she is a couple of minutes late. Sending too many texts while waiting makes you look needy. Instead, use the time to get comfortable in your surroundings.

Take your earphones out

You walk up to her and she goes to hug you, but first you need to disentangle yourself from your earphones and switch your music off. This kills the chemistry in those crucial first few seconds. If you?ve been bouncing along to your music, you will look like a weirdo as well.

It leaves a much better impression if your attention is fully on her in the first few moments of the date. Make eye contact for a few seconds and flash a broad smile. You want to look happy to see her. Move straight into the?


Give her a hug upon greeting, unless her body language is telling you not to. A brief but tight hug will build that connection without it becoming weird. Note that a hug is better than a kiss on the cheek as it is involves more contact. However, it is good to combine your hug with a kiss on the cheek. Do not go in for a passionate kiss if it is your first date; save that for a later moment.

If you were set up on the date or got in touch online and it is your first time meeting in person, you may be tempted to shake hands upon greeting, out of habit. This will make it feel like a professional rather than a romantic occasion. Pay attention to what you are doing so this does not happen.

Say something meaningful

In the first few minutes of your date, you want to say something that she will later tell her girlfriends and squeal about. A genuine compliment works best, something simple like ?you look lovely tonight? will go down well. If you are meeting for the first time, you could tell her that you?ve been looking forward to meeting her. Make it something polite but also complimentary.

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