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Weird “wet spots” on a girl’s body (touch them tonight!)?

Think you know ALL the sweet spots on a girl?s body?

Think again!

I mean?I?m sure you know about the breasts, the clit, the g-spot, the ass. Who doesn?t?

But women have lots of other SECRET erogenous zones…that most men never even think to touch.


Which is too bad, because these parts are very, very SENSITIVE;)

Just give them a little attention during foreplay…

…and your girl will get wetter and hornier than EVER (that?s a promise)!

Now, I?m about to SHOW you where these hidden zones are located?AND how to stimulate each one!

But in return…YOU have to promise that?you?ll spread the word to all your friends!

After all, the more guys know this stuff, the more satisfied ladies there?ll be.

?I gotta look out for my girls too, right? =)

Ok, let?s get started?

The U-Spot

The U-spot is a real hidden gem. HIDDEN being the key word.

It?s a little upside down ?U? shaped sliver of tissue, located below the clit?

U spot2

The U-spot may be small, but it?s VERY responsive to touch;)

So the next time you?re down there, give it some love. Stroke or tap it with your fingers?or better yet, use your MOUTH!

Here?s a great technique: Position your tongue over her U-spot, like a blanket, so the bottom of your tongue (not the side with tastebuds) is touching it…

…then move it quickly from side to side like a windshield wiper.


Women never expect this during oral sex?so the element of SURPRISE will make U-Spot arousal even more of a turn on;)

The Lower Back

Here?s an erogenous zone you can trigger OUTSIDE of the bedroom?even in a public setting!

So it?s perfect for getting a girl all hot and bothered on a date?that way she?ll definitely be thinking about sex when you get home;)

You see, a woman?s lower back is sensitive to ALL kinds of contact.

For example, if you lightly brush your fingers over the skin above her waistband?she?ll immediately get goosebumps!

Or, you can use a firmer touch to massage around her tailbone?which has LOTS of feel-good pressure points.

The K-Spot (Kundalini Spot)

Now that we?ve covered the lower back, let?s travel further south?

?to the K-spot!

This mysterious erogenous zone is definitely NOT one that can get to in a public place?but once you get to it, it?ll BLOW her mind!

The K-spot is a small nook, located just ABOVE her anus, and it?s really easy to stimulate?

Simply reach your hand in between her ass cheeks, and use your middle finger to apply pressure.

…As you poke her K-spot, be sure to change the angle of your finger?upwards, downwards, side to side?to see which way makes her moan the loudest?
AND if you?re feeling adventurous, you can move on to doing the same thing with your tongue;)

Most girls don?t even know the K-spot exists, let alone have had theirs pleasured by a man?

So imagine being the FIRST to make her feel this INTENSE sensation!

The Mons

As you probably know, the Mons Pubis (AKA ?the mons? or ?upper pussy?) is the region right above her slit, where public hair grows.

But what you may NOT know, is that the Mons is more than just a little mound of flesh?

In fact, it?s a major erogenous zone for ALL women!

That?s because?you know all those tingly nerve endings in the clit?

They extend up to the Mons as well!

So instead of going straight for her clit…spend some time tending to her upper pussy FIRST.

Stroke it, caress it, squeeze it, kiss it!

That way, once you DO get down to her juicy ?hooded lady,? she?ll already be extremely aroused?

…And you?ll be able to make her cum faster?and HARDER?than ever;)

BONUS: These same moves can also be used on her INNER THIGHS to tease her pussy before penetration.

Trust me?your touch on her thighs will have her DRIPPING with desire by the time it?s time to f*ck!

And now that you know the sexiest secrets of a woman?s body… I hope you put your new knowledge to use right away!

(Here’s 3 more tips that will blow your mind)

?like maybe TONIGHT?? 😉

And be sure to tell me ALL about it?

I?m ESPECIALLY curious about how she?s gonna react to the K-spot!!

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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