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5 Good Reasons To Stay Single And Date

A lot of guys who are looking to become more successful with women are really just looking to get into a relationship with a really cool, fun attractive girl.

Which is a perfectly fine and noble pursuit, but before you go jumping into anything, remember that there are perfectly good reasons to just stay single and date around.


1. Get to know yourself better.

Not being ready to get into a relationship is a totally real thing, and something you might have to be ready to admit to yourself.

If you?re still hung up over an ex-girlfriend, or know that you have some things to work on about yourself, it?s probably best that you don?t pursue anything serious.

Just dating around can be a great way to work out those issues and to get to know yourself better.


2. Get to know what you?re looking for.

The flip side of addressing yourself is understanding what you?re really looking for in a girlfriend.

What?s important to you? What do you want and need from a relationship? And most importantly, what bad qualities have you been overlooking or compromising on in the past?

Going on lots of different dates will let you test the waters with different kinds of girls, but it will also let you know just how many options there for you out there.


3. Avoid the stress and responsibility of a relationship.

Relationships, even the good ones, can take work, and at some point, they can be really damn stressful.

If you?re currently making yourself a?top priority in your life, if you?ve got other problems to address with your career or personal life, then dumping a relationship into that mix just might just be fuel to the fire.


4. It?s fun!

Going on dates with different girls can be really fun. You get to have new experiences, try new things and go to different places. It?s a legitimate hobby.

It?s what life is all about, you want to sample a little bit of everything.


5. Prevents you from putting down roots.

You never know what opportunities life might afford you, especially at certain stages of your life.

Being in a relationship might be the thing that holds you back from taking a new job, moving to a new city and really pursuing your dreams.

And not necessarily in a sinister way either. It might be a choice you make all-too willingly at the time, because you?re human.

Just remember, it?s always easier to move with less baggage.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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