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Thinking Of Having An Affair? Think Again

Thinking Of Having An Affair? Think Again

You?ve met a woman recently who has ignited your lust, fired your loins, put steam in your trousers?captured your fancy and imagination. Her gorgeous face, perfect ass, and beautifully round tits have become the stuff of your nightly fantasies. You?ve seen each other a few times, chatted, flirted, exchanged numbers, and perhaps a few frisky text messages. You are definitely into her and you?re pretty sure she?s into you. Only one obstacle stands in your way: her husband. She?s married, and she has no intention of changing her status.

She has, however, left the door open for the two of you to have an affair. She has essentially put the matter into your hands. It all seems doable. She seems open and willing to enter into any arrangement that you may make for the two of you to have sex. You are in the midst of plotting such a scheme. You want her badly and believe you can pull this off with little or no injury to yourself or to her.

If you are thinking of having an affair with a married woman, you should think again. Even if you have no compunction about being the biggest dog you know, even if you have gone out of your way to cultivate a reputation for being the biggest pussy hound in the known universe, you should think very carefully about getting involved with a married woman. An adulterous affair comes with complications that you may dislike.

The first thing to consider is the woman herself. You may not be used to evaluating the personality traits of the women you bed, but if you?re thinking of having carnal relations with a married woman it is essential that you do so. Is she discrete or chatty? Is she after something purely physical or something more emotional? The answers to these questions should weigh heavily in your decision on whether to sleep with her.

Chattiness can be dangerous. If your married crush is a habitual gossip, she might be unable to keep quiet about what the two of you are doing?even though she could be put in a worse predicament than you if her husband found out. A married woman who is looking to have an affair to satisfy an emotional craving should also be looked at warily. She might turn the affair into something that you never intended it to be. Such a woman may intentionally provoke the jealousy of her husband, so that he confronts you directly?which is trouble you don?t need.

You should also consider how you might come to feel during the course of the affair. As a serial dater, you set yourself one goal and one goal only: to gratify your sexual desire. However, you never know when you might meet someone special?a woman who has a quality that appeals to your heart as well as your dick. The affair you?re thinking of having might begin as something casual and light-hearted, but you should consider the possibility of falling for her. That could make things much more complex, and could have the effect of moving you to say or do something that you will regret.

I have had a few affairs with married women. Most of them turned out poorly. Being with a married woman is an experience unlike that which you find in the usual dating scene. Married woman are calmer and more settled in mind and affection than singletons. If they choose you as the person they want to cheat on their husband?s with, you become, outside of their home, the sole object of their attention. Over time, this concentration of time and energy will, whether you like it or not, flatter your ego. It will draw you closer to your flame. And before you know it, you?ll start to develop feelings for her that you never thought you would.

The bottom line is that with all of the hot and ready and available women in the world the last thing you should consider is getting involved with one who is married. Be as big a player as you want, but stay away from married women.


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