How to tell if she is single

Does she have a boyfriend?

Before you get too invested in your flirtations, you need to find out if she is single. A girl with a boyfriend will often appear more flirtatious or open to conversation, purely because she knows that nothing will come of the interaction.

Just ask

As with all matters of dating, the direct route is the easiest. Just asking her is going to give you an answer either way. It also demonstrates your intentions, which is usually a good thing. Of course, asking her if she has a boyfriend can be intimidating, especially when you are struggling already with the demands of a regular conversation. To ensure minimal awkwardness, do not hide the fact that you are interested in her. Saying ?You seem like a cool chick, are you single?? is far better than phrasing your question as ?Just wondering, are you single?? as the latter shows a lack of confidence.

She is flirting

Is she laughing at all of your jokes and constantly preening herself? She is single, and she is interested in you. Your path has been cleared; this is the easiest situation you will face. Women in relationships tend to be more reserved, and will certainly not make an effort to laugh at your poor attempt at being funny.

She?s not checking her phone

When a girl is at a social event, sans boyfriend, she will check her phone regularly. Some girls are surgically attached to their phones regardless of circumstance, so the fact that she checks her phone often is inconclusive. Seeing that she never glances at her phone, however, is an indication that she is not seeing anyone who is not present.

Her friends are single

Single women travel in packs. Coupled up members of a social group will withdraw from their friends and are less likely to attend nights out. If a girl is in a big group of singletons, chances are that they are all wing-womaning each other. The other advantage of her being in a group is that you can ask one of her friends if she is single. However, it is still preferable for you to ask her directly- her friend will report back to her, so you will have the same degree of embarrassment.

She?s checking out men

A woman that is looking for a fling will be taking stock of the available men around her. If you notice she is looking at guys, you can bet that she is single and looking? or cheating on her unsuspecting boyfriend.

Social media investigation

Other than simply asking, taking a look at her social media accounts is the easiest way to find out if she is single. This only works if you are friends, or if you at least know her full name. If she does not have her relationship status on her profile, you will have to do some more involved investigations, such as finding out if the guy in her pictures is a boyfriend or just a friend. On Facebook, you can also check out the ?interested in? section; usually those who are in relationships do not fill out this section.

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