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The clothing questions you are too embarrassed to ask

What you need to know but did not want to ask

From sweat to socks to dressing left or right, these are the answers to the men?s fashion questions that you have always been too ashamed to ask.

What is ?dressing left? or ?dressing right??

You may have heard the terms ?dressing left? and ?dressing right?, but what do they mean? These terms are used in reference to which side of the body your member hangs. ?Dressing left? means it tends towards the left pant leg, which is the most common configuration.

Do other people notice my yellow armpit stains?

Yes, other people notice the yellow pit stains that appear on your white shirts. The stains are caused by the activities of the bacteria that feast on your armpit sweat. Use of antiperspirant may actually make your staining problem worse. Pit stains look disgusting, but thankfully they can be easily removed using a stain remover treatment. There are also a few remedies to help prevent pit stains, including washing shirts after every wear and refraining from using antiperspirants which contain aluminum.

Am I supposed to wear socks with my dress shoes?

You should definitely wear socks with your dress shoes. Going sockless, particularly with loafer-style shoes, was briefly in vogue last year. Followers of this trend will note that this causes their feet to smell, and the stench can linger on their shoes forevermore. While the naked ankle look gives you a trendy hipster aesthetic, the stinky repercussions are just not worth it.

What should I do about my sweaty underwear?

If you find you are sweating right through your underwear, you should change to a different material. Surprisingly, cotton underwear can be conducive to sweat. Go for moisture-wicking synthetic underwear that are branded as being for use during sports. Wool is also a good option.

Can I wear a hat inside?

Hats are for outdoor wear. Wearing a hat inside can be seen as disrespectful (it also looks stupid). This rule includes indoor public areas, such as on the train. You can wear a hat in semi-outdoor settings, such as underneath awning.

Why are my pants so worn in the crotch?

The crotch area of your pants is often the first to wear out, and some men find that they experience this to an extreme degree. This pattern of wear occurs due to the peculiarities of your body. Men who have thick thighs, whether this is due to muscle or fat, often experience this problem. Your thighs touching when you walk is causing the extra wear and tear. Your first attempt at a solution is to check that you are wearing the correct size. Going up a size or two is likely to solve the issue. If you find that the problem persists, you can try patching your pants prior to wearing them. You can do this quite easily yourself if you are handy with a sewing needle, or outsource the labour to a tailor. The patch goes on the inside of your pants, and should not be visible to others.

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